17 thoughts on “One Child Two Treasures – Chapter 71

  1. Well finally, if Shishi was still passive after nearly being drugged and sold off I don’t think I’d be able to stand it. Tolerance is a good thing, but there are goddamn limits.


  2. Aahh that’s good..
    Slap her until she turn into M..
    I hope youyou with give her finishing move. Kill that b*tch, please >.<


  3. YAS….its high time to hit back you’ve got a good son’s and husband-to-be that’s too powerful…and yahoo…go YSS for the sake of little MZ..


  4. finally, she grew a backbone.I cant stand these nonstop helpless crying females, especially when they are adults. phew, now the story gets interesting. I like fighters, no matter what, dont go down without fighting.


  5. u know,.my chinese is really bad..but i couldnt wait n look for the raw to read them myself..but i’m shocked!! this novel r way too long so i decided to wait for translation..

    just finished reading ‘a naive short temper girl’ n my head hurt..

    n thanks for translation..


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