7 thoughts on “One Child Two Treasures – Chapter 75

  1. Wa….let the battle begin between the real heiress and the fake one…between the one with great twin son and the nobody person…between the true love and arranged one…
    ha ha ha ha…in the midst of everything Mu Wan Ruo will always be the loser she may have Little Yi Chen and MZ but YSS got Yuoyuo and according to that kid that was enough…love it…
    my bet is on YSS and Yuoyuo of course…
    And Mu Wan Ruo shouldn’t even think of getting her hands on YSS duh you are not match to our dear Yuoyuo…
    Thanks for the update and sorry for long comment.


  2. I wish it was his father YZ he is with not Mu ran. It must had been hard on YSS knowing her other son is near and yet it is so far, she can’t even acknowledge him as her son or even hug him. Thanks for the update and also the sponsor. Have a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year to all.


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