7 thoughts on “One Child Two Treasures – Chapter 76

  1. This is a tragic,fluffy,comedic novel XD
    That Son of hers lol xD
    Ahh…I want Her to regain custody TT
    Update soon!thanks for your translations ;D


  2. Wa…you are so fast…where is the knight in shining armor when you need them…ba ha ha ha ha….Yuoyuo mommy needs you…..hopefully he will really become the lead actress just to kill Mu Wan Ruo’s smugness….
    thanks for the update…


  3. sooo tragic !
    Ik whonder when will the world be so kind to upload the whole story / book, instead of maiking us wait for each chapter and giving us heartattacks with those cliffhangers !!
    please update more !

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