25 thoughts on “One Child Two Treasures – Chapter 77

      1. wa…thank you….
        Youyou: Don’t ever mess up with my mom or else you will regret it…
        Me: ba ha ha ha ha ha… * in cheering mode* go get it Youyou *while holding my banner “Fighting”

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  1. I really hope hero will meet her with his son in that hotel. When will she know the man who ate her at the hotel is the father of her children? May be later…
    So a new character. Second male lead I suppose!!!


  2. YSS will soon discover her son YY as a CEO of some company. Ye Chin will also curios who is YSS. Why he wants to protect her from harm from her mommy Mu Ran. Thanks for the update and also the sponsors. Have a blessed day or evening where ever you are.


    (_( ・ω<)_() ≡≡≡❤ ◎
     / つノ
    ..し―J Hahaha what a ending with You you sitting like a boss… (⌐■_■)
    I remember when I was a kid I always drink coke in wine glass to look classy.
    Go You You protect your MILF, show them the boss. I guess he will be the one to uncover all MR wrong doings to his mother hope so (๑و•̀ω•́)و


  4. “Yun Tian You is sitting on the sofa, his hand is holding an expensive goblet with Coke.” LMAO so cute and funny, some class that nobody can ever have~~
    Thank you for the chapters~~ I now read both novels that you translate


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