One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 82: Wine Club (3)

“I really can’t drink, I’m allergic to alcohol, just a few cup can make me drunk … …”

“Then drink a little!” Yan Liangxiong obviously got dissatisfied with her.

She can’t drink? That’s right! If this woman got drunk, then it will be settle.

Han Jingyi’s face got flushed. She was pushed to the side by her newly hired assistant. This assistant is clearly the reincarnation of a fox, who is good at hooking men, right?

Yun Shishi got scared when they are forcing her to drink the wine. She is not here to socialize with these entertainment figures, but on behalf of assisting Han Jingyi.

Han Jingyi’s heart felt an extreme hate now when she sees Yan Liangxiong thoughts are placed on Yun Shishi. This new assistant, how come her beauty was able to capture the soul of all the men here in just a few minutes? She must be a fox in her previous life, right?

She secretly curses Yun Shishi in her heart and reluctantly smiled: “Mr. Yan, why bother yourself with a small assistant ah? She keeps telling that she doesn’t drink. Obviously, she refused to give you some face and clearly despise you! But don’t worry, I’ll make her quit this job immediately!”

Han Jingyi had thought that this words will make Yan Liangxiong flew in a rage, but rather she got stunned with Yan Liangxion’s reaction.

“What? Make her quit? Let this new assistant have more fun ah! She hasn’t seen the world yet, let her be more accustomed to this!”

Yan Liangxiong said and he had suddenly thought of something: “Ah!, you want to be the “Green Fruit” heroine, right? If you can make this little assistant to accompany me to a few glasses, then the heroine will be you, that is my final word!”

When Han Jingyi heard this, she almost coughed up blood.

No, she was about to vomit blood!

How many actresses had lined up and suffer to be selected in this newly film?

She doesn’t even know whether it is her good or bad luck that brought her near to this wealthy big boss and also happens to be one of the film’s investors. When she got acquainted with him, she had turn crazy in joy!

She had stalk several resourceful men before, just for her to get the heroine title but still, she failed. But now, Yun Shishi just need to accompany him to a few glasses, and that will be his final word?

Only fools will not understand what Yan Liangxiong exactly wants to do to Yun Shishi!

Han Jingyi got very angry and couldn’t wait to lift up the table.

The smile on her face almost got distorted. She digs up her brain on how she would get close to this man and how she will be able to climb his bed. But in the end, she was actually not worth it, and this unknown Yun Shishi just need to drink wine?

This is obviously a big slap in her face, right?

But then, Han Jingyi realize, if a few glasses of wine will make her the heroine, then why not! If Yan Liangxiong wants to push her, so what? She is not willing to lick back his face and wait for him!

The entertainment industry is so big, there is more rich and powerful boss out there, she just needs to find another one.

With this thoughts, she might even meet a nobleman.

This newly assistant is quite handy too! Just a few drink is enough for her to get new resources.

Han Jingyi sweetly said: “I want you to accompany Mr. Yan for a few glasses! He will be very happy to treat you!”

Then Han Jingyi added: “If you don’t drink,  I will fire you!”

“Just a glass of wine, please? I can drink a glass … …”Yun Shishi carefully said.

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I think Shishi is not suitable for social work like this…>.<

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 82: Wine Club (3)

  1. Is YSS going to be like this throughout the whole novel…it is still at the very beginning of this novel…her weak submissive attitudes towards all this nasty people tend to make me mad at her. She was game enough to stand up to her foster sister n foster mom but when it come to this bunch of sleazy n douche bags enough to make want to vomit…


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