One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 89: Hidden rules in the circle

“That’s for you to decide.”

“I only want to rescue you earlier.” Gu Xingze said naturally.

“You must be a very sensible girl, right?” Gu Xingze looked at her and suddenly said: “You had just been greatly wrong, but I didn’t see you shed a tear.”

“I … … have been accustomed to it.” Yun Shishi heart becomes vulnerable and her shoulder shrink, when he touches her.

Gu Xingze slightly bent over and his lips gently smile because of her reason.

“Well, that’s good if it can make you strong, right? Only the children who are crying need a sugar candy to eat.”

Yun Shishi looks a little distressed.

Since childhood, she is very sensible, strong and her stubbornness sometimes had gone too far. Even if she was experiencing a great injustice, she didn’t reveal them and just carried her life on her own.

But the more she tolerates, the more things get hard to bear.

When she pursed her lips, Gu Xingze laughed. Then, she said: “Thank you, I understand what you mean.”

“That’s good, a girl should make a good use of their advantages.”

Gu Xingze suddenly remembered and a flashed touch his laughter, “I think it’s really a bad idea to be just my assistant. Universal Entertainment is now recruiting for their heroin in the film called “Green Fruit”, with your qualification, why don’t you try it?”

Hearing these words Yun Shishi’s mind cannot help but struggle.

“Here, take this invitation for the audition. Tomorrow is the last day for the selection so I will be there.” Gu Xingze handed her a small and exquisite looking letter.

This letter looks more refined than ordinary invitations. She had never seen an invitation like this, only this one has a beautiful mosaic design and a satin lace.

Gu Xingze gave her so much attention and appreciation, which is already a big self-evident that she is really fitted to be an actress.

Outside the hotel, the rain started to pour.

Gu Xingze’s assistant came in a hurry only to see him with a petite little girl, at that moment she got stunned.

“Xingze, this is … …”

“Well … …” Gu Xingze at the moment doesn’t know how he will introduce her.

Yun Shishi felt a bit dizzy, but she still holds up her spirit and politely smiles. “Hello, my name is Yun Shishi!”

“Oh, Shishi! it’s a beautiful name ah.” The assistant gently smile.

The three of them talk for a while walking toward the parking lot.


At the Roadside, a Mercedez Benz was parked.

Yun Tianyou waited for a long time. And finally, he saw his Mommy’s figure and wanted to get out of the car.

Li Hanlin immediately stops him. “Yun, it’s raining outside. Just wait here in the car and I’ll call her.”

“Ok, I will trouble you.”

Li Hanlin smile and took the umbrella on his side.

Gu Xingze’s car was parked not far away from their car. The three people are planning to get on the car, but got surprised when they saw a man wearing a suit went down from the Mercedez Benz car.

“Miss Yun, I’m here to pick you.”

Gu Xingze looked at the man and also looked at the luxury car behind him. At that moment, his eyes showed some doubts.

The man looks very handsome and noble. However, he is extremely polite and gentle when he is looking at Yun Shishi.

Who is this guy?

Why will he pick Yun Shishi?

He hasn’t seen such a parade.

In entertainment circle, a lot of female artists looks very pure on the screen, but in reality, there is always a gold master behind them.

Those actresses will accompany them to drink wine, to sleep, to do any dirty things just to be popular and superior.

He was in this circle for so many years, he knows all the muddy activity behind the scenes.

Behind every female artist, there will always be a few gold master.

If the gold master got tired of playing with them, then he will throw the actress and get the next woman like a commodity. Then, he will let them enjoy.

Is this girl doing the same?

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  1. Argh!
    She will think it’s the father and will freeze!
    And the prince will notice that and will get the idea that because she is so pure and innocent that she gets harassed constantly an will protect her \(ºoº)/
    Go go go! Charming prince!!
    Thanks for the chapter!

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