One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 90: Saves the Galaxy

Yun Shishi felt at a loss, she doesn’t know the man in front of her.

“Who are you?

Li Hanlin smiled and slightly bully her, as he whispered: “Young Master Yun was inside the car and waiting for you.”

Young Master Yun – Youyou?

Yun Shishi’s eyes changed in panic and change again in shock when she looks at the car and saw Youyou was leaning in the car window.  He repeatedly waves his hand and his face was showing a warm smile.

Her heart felt at ease then.

“Ahmm … … Gu Xingze, thank you for your help! You don’t need to send me home. Be careful on the road.”

“Shishi, are you really okay?.” When Gu Xingze sees that she changed her mind, he got a little worried. After all, he noticed that Yun Shishi doesn’t really know the origin of that man, so he naturally doesn’t trust him.

At the side, Gu Xingze’s assistant couldn’t help but sense a different atmosphere around them.

What happened to Gu Xingze? She has been with him in the entertainment industry for so many years, but she has never seen the cold and proud Gu Xingze to even look at a woman!

With Gu Xingze’s abstinence to any beautiful women, she even suspected his sexual orientation.

However, in front of this little girl he doesn’t treat her the same like those other women. Indeed, she has a delicate appearance, delicate face, and delicate temperament. These qualities alone are very rare to find in this circle of entertainment.

“It’s okay, don’t worry about me.” Yun Shishi smile, then hurriedly followed Li Hanlin to get in the car.

Gu Xingze looked at her leaving shadow, he shakes his head again and again as he helplessly smiles.

Today, he seems different to his usual self.

Perhaps he had seen too many dirty activities of the people in the entertainment circle, that’s why now that he had seen such an incredible pure lady, he actually felt an unexplainable emotion.

He really wants to protect that pure girl.

Gu Xingze sighs heavily as he went into his car and they left.


Inside the Mercedes-Benz car.

When Yun Shishi got inside, she got stunned by the car’s gorgeous design. She had never sat in such a luxurious car, she had only seen them on television.

“Youyou, why are you … …”

Yun Tianyou’s eyes widen, apparently, he still doesn’t want to tell her his true identity.

If he will say it right now, he’s afraid that his mommy cannot bear it.

For six years, he has been playing as a pure and innocent little boy. So if he will reveal the truth, how can his mommy believe him?

“Mommy, this is Uncle Li, our kindergarten’s principal.”

Li Hanlin immediately and cleverly followed his words. “Hello, Miss Yun. We meet for the first time, please advise me!”

A big smile has shown on Li Hanlin’s face. When he was looking at the eyes of Yun Shishi, he cannot help but get attracted to her.

My God! What a young and beautiful woman she is? She looks like a high school student.

Maybe she had saved the galaxy in her previous life, that’s why she can actually give birth to this genius child!

How did she give birth to him?

Can she tell him the trick ah? He also wants to have such a genius and clever son like Yun Tianyou!

Li Hanlin’s heart was beating fast, while he enviously looking back and forth at the mother and son pair.

It seems he also want to treat Yun Tianyou as his son.

Yun Shishi smile and said. “Principal Li, I have been very busy with work. In the past two years, thank you for taking care of Youyou!”

Smoke emerge in the corner of Li Hanlin’s lips and his brain got messy. “What did I?… Oh, Youyou is so smart and he always has a good performance!”

Is he really the school principal? Can a mere school principal afford to buy such an expensive car?

Yun Tianyou smiled and interrupted them. “Mr. Principal, today please send me and Mommy at home, thank you!”

“You’re welcome.” Li Hanlin smiles and immediately drive the car.

They’re car slowly move.

However, three people didn’t realize that a black Bugatti Veyron car is following not far away from them.

At the driver’s seat, Mu Yazhe’s eyes were deeply looking at them. His hand couldn’t help to hold the steering wheel tightly … …

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