One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 91: Out of control

At the driver’s seat, Mu Yazhe’s eyes were deeply looking at them. His hand couldn’t help to hold the steering wheel tightly … …

Across the window, the blurry night completely swept the road.


Yun Shishi really believed that Li Hanlin was the kindergarten’s principal, as she constantly asked Youyou’s situation in the school.

“Principal Li, I’m really incompetent as a mother. I don’t know much about Youyou’s performances in the school. Didn’t he cause any trouble for you?”

Li Hanlin tried to maintain his polite smile, but his heart was already crying.

In reality, he was having a hard time to play his role as the principal.

He turned around and helplessly looked at Yun Tianyou. When Youyou had seen his embarrassed face, he couldn’t help but laugh and turn his good looking eyes to Yun Shishi.

“Mommy, Principal Li can’t answer your question because Youyou is always doing well.” He said naturally.

In fact, his performances in kindergarten are indeed excellent and he is very popular in school.

He became popular not only because he’s smart, but also because of his delicate little handsome face.

Whenever he go outside the classroom or the school gate, the girls from the school and other school wants to hold his hands.

Even his teachers also like him very much and always doing him a favor.

The boys in his class are also convinced of his talent.

All the way, the three of them happily talked.

The Mercedez Benz car soon stopped in front of their apartment building.

At that moment, the night wind is very cold.

Yun Shishi was carrying Youyou when she goes out from the car. The cold wind hit their body, and both of them shuddered.

Youyou buried his face in Yun Shishi’s chest. When Lin Hanlin saw them, he immediately remove his coat and draped it over them.

Yun Shishi hasn’t said her thanks to Li Hanlin when a car beam light hit the three of them.

This car beam light was extremely strong, accompanied by its high-performance growl engine sound.

“broom, brooommm… …”

The car engine sound, resounded one after another.

Like an angry lion’s threatening growl, and the actual lion was fiercely staring at them, ready to attack his prey in any seconds.

Yun Shishi got shocked. She subconsciously covered Youyou’s eyes in her arms.

The car’s beam light from the sports car was so strong and she couldn’t open her eyes.

Li Hanlin also uses his hands to blocked the beam light, as his face gradually felt sullen.

Damn, this sports car’s beam light must have been modified! I can’t even see the driver’s face. 

When Li Hanlin was just about to move forward, the beam light was turn off.

The loud noise of the car engine also quiets down.

The quiet atmosphere under the night return.

Yun Shishi was in a daze. But finally, she can clearly see, she sullenly stared at the sports car.

The sports car is now quietly parked not far from the street. In one glance, one can see the value of the modified black Bugatti Veyron car.

However, when she saw the stern man who is sitting in the driver’s seat. Yun Shishi felt that someone has dropped a cold water in her whole body.

Mu Yazhe sullenly sitting in the driver’s seat, the cigarette in his fingers that was about to burn out was flickering. The ashes keep falling on the expensive looking steering wheel as if it was covered in dust.

He sat motionlessly, but his face was still as handsome as a god. At the moment, his pair of deep eyes who looks as deep as an abyss was waiting for a chance to swallowed this woman’s soul.

His eyes showed a deep anger, however, he himself can’t understand why.

He, Mu Yazhe, was out of control because of a woman.

He can’t understand why exactly he lost control. The only thing he knows was his heart was severely torn.

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