One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 92: Strong jealousy

He can’t understand why exactly he lost control. The only thing he knows was his heart was severely torn.

Now, he can’t suppress his anger that mixed with something he refused to admit the most, the feeling of desire and jealousy … …

Originally, he was chasing after the Mercedez Benz car that left their villa. When he glimpse on the side, he vaguely saw that tender and inexplicable familiar face.

He got stunned, and while he continues to drive he happened to see Gu Xingze was leaving the hotel with Yun Shishi.

He also happened to see the scene where Gu Xingze was treating Yun Shishi gently.

So close …

In the circle of the entertainment industry, who wouldn’t know Gu Xingze’s indifference personality?

He looks like jade, but in reality, he felt an extreme disgust when he gets close to any female artists.

He has a very serious mental disorder when it comes to cleanliness, that’s why he never liked to get too close to others.

But, isn’t this woman the same with those women who work as a hostess?

He felt more gloomy, he felt that his emotions are getting more and more difficult to control when Yun Shishi ride the Mercedez Benz car.

She … … really have a husband and a kid?

The thought that she might have her own family made him angry and restless!

So all the way, he followed the car until they stopped in front of this apartment building and saw that scene.

Just by seeing the warm atmosphere of these three people like a sweet family picture sting his eyes.

Mu Yazhe took a deep breath on the cigarette, his slender fingers throw the cigarette butts outside the window. He slowly walked out of the car and “bang” a loud sound of shutting door was heard.

The abrupt and loud sound made Yun Shishi take a step back. At the moment, she has too many thoughts but in her heart the only firm idea that emerges in her mind was… …

Can’t … … I can’t let this man take Youyou!

Yun Shishi got scared, she turned around and entrusted Youyou to Li Hanlin. She raised her head, stroke Youyou’s hair and said while her lips are trembling badly: “Youyou, go upstairs first, okay?”

“Mommy … …” Youyou look at her complex eyes, naturally, he is worried.

“Be good, Mommy will immediately come up to accompany Youyou. Go upstairs first!”

Youyou’s little hands couldn’t help but clenched into a fist. He followed her words and pretend to be well-behaved as he nodded. “Ok!”

Li Hanlin’s face looks a bit complicated, he carried Youyou and rushed upstairs.

Yun Shishi’s turned pale when the cold wind hit her petite body. She turned and look at Mu Yazhe’s cold eyes.

Mu Yazhe coldly looked at her, his cold eyes look as sharp as a knife.

He stared at her delicate thin body as if by doing this he might able to see through her.

Yun Shishi felt uncomfortable in his gaze as if her whole body got pierced by a general.

“You … what are you doing here? are you following me?”

She asked, but he remained silent. He just walks up and gets close to her a few inches.

His aura is too strong, Yun Shishi felt like there were countless sharp knives surrounding her body when he was approaching her.

Mu Yazhe disdainfully stands in front of her. And because of his tall figure, Yun Shishi looks as weak as a porcelain doll, as if when he pinch her she will break easily.

“What are you doing?” She stared her big eyes to him.

Mu Yazhe forced her back to the corner, his tall figure locked her up. She wanted to retreat, but there is no way.

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  1. Yun Shishi, if Mu Yazhe tries anything bad…cough… he is close enough for you to knee him between the legs.. cough..

    Thank you so much for the new chapter.


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