One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

One Child Two Treasures – Chapter 93

Hi guys,

Here is another sponsored chapter by PIOTR B.

Thank you! thank you very much for your donations. Next regular chapter and other sponsored chapter will be posted next week >.< sorry for being slow, please wait patiently. Thanks

Next regular chapter and other sponsored chapter will be posted next week >.<

Sorry for being slow, please wait patiently. Thanks

Chapter 93


20 thoughts on “One Child Two Treasures – Chapter 93

    1. I can’t help but agree with it. Moron indeed, Youyou looks like the other kid, cant he put two and two together? Love turn his brain into mush..


      1. I don’t know if he saw Youyou’s face though. I think all he knows is that she has a son and thinks he’s 5 cuz of the outdated birthday reminder on her old phone that he found some chapters back…but i could be wrong and he’s a dumbass.


  1. Well chinnese drama is lesser than mexican n indo drama so this is tolerantable… hmm ignore my misspelling n etc…. thank for chapter dear trans n donator


  2. Wow he really so smart..!
    He ask his assistant about her(YSS), but doen’t read it.
    And now he ask her directly, and got his own perfect deduction.
    He may change his profession to be detective. Then his name become known as kogoro mouri

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL XD no, the reason why he forgot to read the file is because he hasn’t had the chance to. he’s been taking care of the twin, company work, and that shrew of a fiance has also tried to monopolize his time and cover up Shi Shi’s past. Not to mention that he also recognizes that he’s gone “out of control” and isn’t thinking straight to any matters concerning the only woman that has successfully attracted him.

      Yes, I know, I’m making excuses for him and he’s also being dumb, but if there was ever any better plot armor than the one that “love causes people to become stupid”, I haven’t seen it yet.

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  3. TY translator. Keep the the good work! 🙂
    I get the feeling reading You and MYZ meet will take for ever. D:
    I hope it the story completes quickly D:
    I really don’t want MC to be raped by other guys. (Only said that bc of the novel updates tag)


  4. If he is not an illigetimate child who is he? MYZ might check his investigative file on YSS and find the answer. I hope will do it soon and question his assistant for not telling him the truth or existence of YY. Looking forward what MYZ will do next. Thanks for speedy update. God Bless and have a blessed day.


  5. Wanna kick him between his legs so he cant have any offsprings anymore, who knows the next kid gonna be a beautiful moron like him 😓😓 thank you for the chapter


  6. MYZ: Is he and illegitimate child?!

    Me: *facepalms* U blind As F, can’t u see the comparison btween YY and the other twin!? 😥

    Thanks for the chappy btw!😇


  7. One kick between the legs and then one turning kick at the head. Yun Shishi, if u can’t do that then just poke his eyes with two fingers.


  8. No, really? You have all this investigative power in your hands, and you still can’t figure out anything? He should totally fire his employees. Not to mention they deliberately hide things from him due to his (fake and ugly) fiancee.


  9. well MYZ isn’t wrong, You You is an illegitimate child…but don’t you ever doubt that incomplete investigation report tsk tsk brain is indeed mushed

    thank you


  10. Watz with him, she will go out with whoever she wants, hez such a bastard he actually threw her after using her and still want to meddle with her life haa……i really want her to end up with Gu xingze…….


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