One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 95: Family or enemy

But, even if he is his biological father, he will not allow his mother received any injustice.

Even if … … in this life, he and him become enemies!

Mu Yazhe got stunned for a long time.

Yun Tianyou’s words are few, but he stated his position clearly.

And those few words seems simple but has a hidden meaning.

Mu Yazhe at the moment got shocked!

The child is still young, but has an extraordinary courage and very mature, unlike the other children who has the same age.

His desire to protection his mother is very strong. In front of Yun Shishi he pretends to act cute and innocent. But his other side is like a powerful god, who wouldn’t allow anyone to bully or belittle Yun Shishi.

What even more shocking is his last sentence, what does that mean?

Family or enemy?



At the moment, there are too many strange and unclear thoughts in his mind.

This woman’s son looks five or six years old and very smart.

Whether his voice, temperament, height and facial features are exactly the same to Little Yi Chen.

Little Yi Chen is his son, but this woman gave birth to him.

People said that ‘like mother like son’ and ‘like father like daughter’. But, Little Yi Chen looks like him.

And this Youyou is also six years old … …

Mu Yazhe got a bit scared.

He didn’t read the investigation about this woman, he only heard a few information and the information was not about this woman’s son.

This son is her own flesh and blood. If so, who is his father?

He suddenly recalled Youyou’s warning to him on the phone, which is: “Family or enemy, you choose!”

To his great shock, Mu Yazhe suddenly remembered that according to this woman’s pregnancy test report before, she was pregnant with twins.

For the meantime, there is an incredible suspicion that loomed in his mind … …


Inside the apartment, Yun Shishi anxiously sits on the table. Her shoulders are still trembling.

She regarded that man as her nightmare. She couldn’t imagine how he will cruelly take away this child from her if he will know Youyou’s real identity.

Don’t … … Youyou is her everything.

Li Hanlin was sitting on the side, he quietly looks at her eyes with full of pity.

Although Yun Shishi is already twenty-four years old, she looks younger than her actual age and looks so beautiful. Li Hanlin can’t take away his eyes off her.

God, please don’t be stingy and watch over this girl.

Li Hanlin was still staring at her when suddenly Yun Tianyou cleared his throat and coldly looked at him.


Li Hanlin quickly turns away his gaze and look at Yun Tianyou. He saw him prepared a bowl of brown sugar with water for Yun Shishi. Yun Tianyou squint his eyes and reluctantly ask him: “Do you dare to hit on my Mommy? ”

Li Hanlin quickly makes a gesture to ask for mercy and his lip uttered immediately the words: “Yun Tianyou, don’t get me wrong!”

Why would he dare to hit on Yun Shishi?

Not to mention, she may not even get interested in him and also there is this small angel that is blocking his way, so how can he have the opportunity?

“Mommy, drink this bowl of brown sugar with water, then go to bed early!” Youyou immediately restored his gentle eyes when he turns his gaze on her.

No matter how much he shows his indifference to others, he will always be gentle and sweet in front of his Mommy. He knows that in these past few days, her body felt uncomfortable because of all the problem she encountered. So, he cooked in advance this brown sugar with water for her nourishment.

Yun Shishi looked at the brown sugar with water in his hands, she got emotional and said: “Youyou is really a good boy ah!”

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  2. I’m internally screaming! He finally knows! I wonder how many chapters it will take for them to officially meet. 😭 Mc deserves to be MY’s fiancé not that vixen. Can’t wait until that’s revealed or else why would it be on going? I can’t help but root for the supposed mc.

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  4. Family or enemy, Im excited to know when MYZ is going to read the report on YSS and his son. Discover his other son,will fight for the custody for YY, but YY will protect his mom and it will be a showdown or battle between Father and Son. Thanks for the update and the sponsor. Have a blessed day.


  5. Duh.. stupid Mu Yazhe. 😂… so someone was right abt him not reading the investigation file. Not throughly.. 😂 Youyou, good aim.


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