One Child Two Treasures: Character List

Character List:

This will be updated as the story goes.

Yun Family

  • Yun Shi Shi – the adopted daughter, the surrogate mother
  • Yun Tian You (Youyou) –  Shishi’s son, the younger twin
  • Yun Ye Cheng – Shishi’s step-father
  • Yun Li Qin – Shishi’s step-mother
  • Yun Na – Shishi’s step-sister

Mu Family

  • Mu Ya Zhe – the father of the twins, the president of ESF (Emperor Sheng                                      Foundation)
  • Mu Yi Chen – Shishi’s  son, the older twin
  • Mu Wan Rou – Yazhe’s fiancee, Yichen’s step-mother
  • Mu Sheng – Yazhe’s grandfather, Yichen’s great grandfather, the Chairman of ESF, also known as “Old Man”

Emperor Sheng Foundation

  • Ai Lun – Mu Yazhe’s right-hand man
  • Li Lan – Mu Yazhe’s secretary

Universal Entertainment

  • Lin Feng Tian – the director of “Green Fruit Movie”
  • Gu Xing Ze – the male lead of “Green Fruit Movie”
  • Han Jing Yi – the newcomer artist

Green Fruit Movie 

  • Yin Xia Chun – female protagonist of the movie
  • Yin Dong Yu – male protagonist of the movie


  • Xiao Xue – Shishi’s best friend
  • Brother Qiang – the bar boss, Yun Na’s contact in underworld society.
  • A Hai – Mu Sheng personal driver and bodyguard
  • Li Han Lin – Le Zhi’s board of director’s agent
  • Yan Liang Xiong – Han Jing Yi’s sponsor candidate.