One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 78: You You’s suspicion

Yun Tian You is sitting on the sofa, his hand is holding an expensive goblet with Coke.

And a man is sitting next to him, this man is no other than Le Zhi’s board of director’s agent, Li Hanlin.

Li Hanlin’s facial features are very handsome, but now his face doesn’t look good. Especially right now, he is staring at a Little boy who’s around six or seven years old but has very mature character and even that child’s eyes look more strange.

He really didn’t expect that one of the most mysterious shareholders of Le Zhi’s board of director, Is actually a six or seven-year-old child?

At first, he really didn’t believe it.

How can it be true? When he was six or seven years old he was only playing mud at that age. So, what’s wrong with kids today? Is he from mutated genes?

Such a small child and yet he almost earn hundreds of millions in just a year!

Le Croy was a toy company in Europe that went bankrupt. But one year ago, it seems the company met a hurricane group. In a short period of time, their rapid growth turns them into a world-class toy distributor. They rename their company as “Le Zhi’s Toy Company”.

Le Zhi’s Toy Company become popular all over the world.

All children are very happy and proud to own a genuine toy of their company.

Who would have thought, that the toys those children love was actually developed by a six-year-old child’s drawings?

Who would have thought, that the largest shareholder of Le Zhi’s board of directors actually had not yet finished his kindergarten?

Who will believe it?


But that is the unexpected truth.

He only knows that this shareholder has always been mysterious and they had never seen his face.

He only knows that Le Croy was taken over by the Hurricane Group. The Hurricane Group has given more than 10,000 people as staff and even sitting on 60 percent of the shares.

But two hours ago, he was called by this mysterious shareholder of Hurrican Group. He came in a hurry, but only saw one person who’s not even as high as his waist.

Yun Tian You confesses his identity to him and Li Hanlin screams out loud in disbelief.

Until the little boy took out his voice changer device, which disguised his identity – if his true identity was made known in public, surely other board of directors will turn crazy!

Li Hanlin’s mind is still in a bit mess.

Youyou drink his Coke and slightly lower the car window. He got shocked when he saw a familiar figure.

An extremely familiar figure, as if it is his own self.

At the end of his sight, he saw a small boy with the same age as him and a woman was holding his hand. They get into an expensive car.

That Little boy is wearing a small suit, he can only vaguely see that cold but delicate facial features. Their facial features are very similar, but that Little boy’s eyes are very cold.

Yun Tian You stared some more and frowns his eyebrows.

This boy, why our face looks exactly the same?

The car slowly starts moving.

Yun Tian You immediately said: “Try to keep up with that car in front.”

“You … … Yun Tian You,” Li Hanlin quickly changed his tone, and respectfully ask: “What’s the matter?”

“Just keep up with them!” Yun Tian You said in command tone.


Li Hanlin quickly moves to the driver seat, he drove the car and tried to keep up with the car in the front of them.

They stayed close behind the car and followed all the way.

Yun Tian You sat in the back seat, his eyes turns deep and slowly asked: “A few days ago I asked you to check out a man, how’s the results?”

“Yes, the information is here.” Li Hanlin respectfully handed the material.

Yun Tian You expressionlessly took the thick data and started reading.

The more he look, the more his eyes got solemn.

Their car drives into the capital’s richest area – The Shimao Champagne Lake.

The highest price of Villas in the capital is located here. The people who live here are distinguished for having wealth worth hundreds of millions.

Rumors said that the average price of the villa here is worth one hundred fifty million.

A price that can make people speechless.

The car in front of them drives all the way in.

And their car stopped near at the entrance of the village.

The village is heavily guarded and ordinary people cannot enter easily.

The Security stops their car, Li Hanlin lowered the car window and tried to speak with them. But when the security staff glance at Yun Tian You, they immediately become respectful.

“Young Master Mu is back!”

Their car license plate is unfamiliar, but the security staff mistakenly believe that Yun Tian You is the young master of Mu Family, they naturally will not neglect him.

Who would dare to block the young master’s car?

When Yun Tian You heard this, his heart felt too much suspicion, but his face didn’t show a panicked expression:”Hello, Uncle”

When the security staff heard his greeting, he got flattered and even said: “Young Master! Please go ahead!”

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21 thoughts on “Chapter 78: You You’s suspicion

  1. nice YY…they can play with her mom and so was he…OMG i am screaming..i hope he can settle the score that her mom can’t..i want more info about the family if they know YY existence…let the understanding untangle to settle down the scores…
    thanks for the update…
    Merry Christmas in advance..


  2. I’m excited to find out what will happen next. If YYis going to disguise as Ye Chen later or going to meet his brother.
    Thanks for the update. Merry Christmas and Have a blessed joyfull And Peaceful New Year.


    1. I hope so too.
      In the beginning I really thought that would happen,now I’m eagerly waiting
      It’s getting better and better! 🙂


  3. I have a suspicion that You You is incarnated from someone. Remember he was still-born? Maybe some other adult soul entered his body then. 😄😄😄😄


    (_( ・ω<)_() ≡≡≡❤ ◎
     / つノ
    ..し―J I always wonder if the twins will get along well and try to interchange as each other to experience each life hehehe…


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