One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 79: The scenes

When the security staff heard his greeting, he got flattered and even said: “Young Master! Please go ahead!”

In his impression, the young master of Mu family has always been arrogant and proud. But now, he said hello to him? This really made him a little frightened.

The Security staff allowed them to enter the village and their car slowly enter the gate. They continue driving until they reach an antique luxury villa, Li Hanlin stop the car.

“Yun Tian, this is … … What’s going on?”

Li Hanlin asked carefully.

Yun Tian You made a “Shhh” sound, indicating that he should not speak. He lowered the car window and looked outside.

The little boy from before went down the car and the servants will quickly greet him.

Yun Tian You frowns his eyebrows, at the moment, there are too many inexplicable happenings.

Mu Wan Rou also got out of the car, she looked up and saw Mu Yazhe near the doorway. He’s standing tall but wearing a faded suit, he seems not like that all-powerful and elite president of Mu’s empire. But still, the white shirt he is wearing increase the charisma of his delicate face.

Right now, the night is chilling.

All the lights in the courtyard of the villa are lit up.

The atmosphere is warm.

Mu Yazhe slightly crouches down in front of Mu Yi Chen and gently smile.

He rarely smile, he always has a stern face and the people around him always feel aloof.

However, he only shows such a rare warmth to Little Yi Chen.

It’s truly impossible to resist his charming deep eyes and his sexy thin lips that curving a smile.

Such a father’s warmth will make you feel at ease.

The day before yesterday, he went to North America to participate in a parliament, so he had just returned but still rush back at home.

Little Yi Chen was angry at him when he didn’t return at home that night. His father didn’t keep his promise.

A promise to accompany him to eat dinner, to help him do his homework and to get back home even if he has issues in business. He didn’t comply with these three promises of him.

However, in Mu Yazhe’s doting eyes right now. Little Yichen’s anger eventually disappeared.

The Little boy rushed into the man’s arms and wrap his small arms around his shoulder, he muttered: “Daddy ~”

Yun Tian You who is sitting in the car felt stupid and his eyes got moist.

However, he saw Mu Yazhe handed a beautifully wrapped gift to  Little Yi Chen. Little Yi Chen excitedly opens the gift and it was actually the remote control car he wanted. It is the latest and the best-selling toy that every child dream of.

“Wow! This is Le Zhi’s TK01 remote control car. Thank you, Daddy! Yi Chen is so happy!”

Mu Wan Rou walked slowly and crouched down beside Little Yichen, she kissed his forehead and said. “Baby, let Daddy assemble it with you inside the house, okay?”


Mu Yazhe showed another doting smile:”Baby, you will forgive Daddy now, right?”

“Mmm! Daddy is the best, Yi Chen loves Daddy the most!”

This warmth and lovely scenes undoubtedly stung Yun Tian You’s eyes.

It turned out that man as a father has a warm presence.

TK01 remote control car is You You’s product design. The company’s official site has hundreds of thousands reservation. At that time, he saw a domestic remote control car in the mall, he tried analyzing it, but he didn’t expect that his Mommy will actually mistakenly thought that he likes it and bought it for him. In fact, he doesn’t like toys.

He is no longer interested in these immature things.

He only admired and invented this toy because he was thinking that his father will accompany him to assemble and play with it when he returns.

He wanted to look forward on that day.

Yun Tian You’s small hand clasped to the car window, he cannot hide the extreme loneliness in his eyes.

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  1. Awww You You, don’t worry you have your mommy’s exclusive doting (well at least for now)

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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