One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 86: In the eyes of the heroine

“Xingze … …”

“Don’t call me Xingze, I’m not familiar with you, right?” Gu Xingze coldly looks at her.

Yan Liangxiong’s face immediately darken.  Han Jingyi on the other hand quickly took up a glass of wine to give to Gu Xingze. “I’m sorry! Xing … … Mr. Gu, I don’t know how or where exactly did I offend you, but I hope that Mr. Gu wouldn’t only remember me as a villain because … …”

However, her delicate and charming touch disgust Gu Xingze’s eyes more.

“No, your wine is too dirty for me to drink.”

Han Jingyi’s body got stiff, she felt like she got hit by a large stone and was smashed into pieces! Earlier, she heard some rumors about Gu Xingze’s haughty personality like a high king. Sometimes he doesn’t give a face to those people he was against with and his mouth will suddenly utter poisonous words. But, she doesn’t believe those rumors and still regarded him as a king!

“Mr. Yan, you really do have an eye problem. This woman is very tacky and her face has a thick makeup, can you see her as ‘Yin Xiachun ‘? Her outer image doesn’t match the heroine! If she plays as Yin Xiachun, I’m afraid that I might vomit.” Gu Xingze continued his poisonous words.

Han Jingyi just sits still.

Gu Xingze’s words are very harsh, but she cannot refute him because everything he said is true. After all, she is just nothing! In this big world Entertainment Industry, there are a lot of actresses, so how can she rely on her own strength? Not all people has superior strength like him, right?

Han Jingyi was about to cry.

When Gu Xingze has seen her poor image show, he coldly snorted.

She wants to be his heroine to climb up high?

In your dream!

“What? You felt I wronged you?” Gu Xingze coldly looks at her and said,”If you still want to become the heroine, the best thing to do is to look for the movie crew. I’m not in the mood to work right now. ”

Gu Xingze paused for a moment, his eyes fell on the side of Yun Shishi who was feeling confused. “What’s your name?”

Yun Shishi got puzzled and stared back at Gu Xingze. This Superstar actually asked her name? But still, she sits up straight and nervously replied: “Oh… … Hello! My name is Yun Shishi, I am Miss Han Jingyi’s assistant!”

“You’re her assistant?” Gu Xingze got surprised. He thought she was invited by these two people. She looks pure and beautiful, her eyes are not muddled and have the heroine temperament.

She is the exact image of Yin Xiachun in his mind!

Gu Xingze shook his head, his pair of beautiful eyes bent and his face shows a warm smile.

“You look pure and beautiful, how can you only work as this wild model’s assistant? You look even more promising ah”

“I just started working today … …”

Gu Xingze glanced at the side and saw Han Jingyi’s face is getting dark. He sneered and said: “She’s not popular. If you keep following her you have no future. Don’t you want to enter the entertainment industry yourself? You look more beautiful than her, surely you will be popular!”

Han Jingyi’s eyes got wide!

This Gu Xingze, how can he … …? her mouth twitch. Did she get demoted to the bottom by her little-known assistant in a day?

Where will she put her face?

Yun Shishi didn’t listen much, she just quickly waved her hand and said: “I can’t … …”

“Why not?”

Gu Xingze elegantly smiles and slowly said: “This temperament of yours is exactly the same to the heroine in my mind.”

“Bang -” Han Jingyi cannot endure anymore, she hit the table and stood up. She  gloomily looks at Gu Xingze and coldly laughs, “Gu Xingze, have you said enough?”

Earlier, she had drunk some wine, so right now she was a bit tipsy. When Gu Xingze treated and look at her lowly, her mood naturally got bad. And to be belittled by this king in front of many, she simply wants to vomit.

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