One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 96: Genetic issues

Yun Shishi looked at the brown sugar with water in his hands, she got emotional and said: “Youyou is really a good boy ah!”

She drinks the brown sugar with water and went inside the room to rest early.

Now her heart is very scared and chaotic, but she has nowhere to go to pour it out.

In this life, she only wants things to be on it’s proper placed and carefully preserved it. She wants to be free from this nightmare and bitter life.

But that man after six years suddenly appear.

Youyou laid her quilt and put out the light for her. Then, he kisses her forehead.

When he looked down and saw that his Mommy’s eyes are showing weakness, Youyou’s heart felt pain.

“Mommy, don’t be scared. Just remember that Youyou will always be there to protect you and that you can always rely on Youyou. So don’t think about other things.”

When Yun Shishi heard this she got shocked and her eye’s got moist. She looked at him firmly and said:

“Youyou, you will always stay with Mommy? You will never abandon me?”


Youyou lie beside her on the bed, he suddenly smiled and said: “Mommy, don’t think too much, ok?”

Yun Shishi slowly nodded her head and closed her eyes.


Youyou shut the door into the study room and saw Li Hanlin’s incredible big eyes while looking at him. It seems like he had seen a ghost.

He got unhappy and said: “Director Li, what’s with your eyes!?”

Li Hanlin coughs and somehow embarrassingly recover his eyes. “Yun Tianyou, I don’t think you and your Mommy are like mother and son.”

“Then, what’s it like?” Yun Tianyou slightly frowns his eyebrows and asked with interest.

Li Hanlin a seriously answered: “Father and daughter.”

“… …”

Li Hanlin placed his palms together and kneel in front of him. He looks at his face and said: “ahh… well… I’m really envious ah! I also want to have a son like you. A clever, well – behaved and warm – hearted son.”

Yun Tianyou coughs and mercilessly pointed out: “Director Li, I’m afraid that you wouldn’t get that opportunity.”

“Why?” Li Hanlin looks at him sadly and asked.

“Genes are very important.” Yun Tianyou ridicules him concisely.

Meaning: If you want to have a smart son, then you need to have a father who had a smart gene.

This is his own way to say that he is stupid!

Li Hanlin got speechless.

This genius child looks pure and innocent, but his words are extremely poisonous.

“Yun Tianyou, have you ever seen … … your father!?” He asked a carefully.

“No,” Youyou said and glanced at him, he suddenly said, “But he must be a very handsome and good man!

Li Hanlin got amazed, “How did you know when you haven’t seen him?”

Youyou looked at him like an idiot. “If he is not good enough, how can I be born a genius?”

“… …”

Li Hanlin got speechless once again.

Li Hanlin sighed and said: “I didn’t expect that Le Zhi’s most mysterious board of director, turned out to be a six-year-old child. If the other shareholders will know this, wouldn’t they vomit blood?”

“Vomiting blood will not change that fact.” Yun Tianyou elegantly sits on the sofa and his handsome face turns cold. “I heard that the board of directors relationship are not good recently.”

“Yes, several senior directors are complaining because of you.” Li Hanlin also restored his serious look.

Le Zhi’s board of directors has five shareholders, those board members also have the rights to speak.

Yun Tianyou raised his eyebrow: “Oh? What did those old waste say?”

“Director Zhang is complaining that some of your actions are not quite understandable.” Li Hanlin paused for a moment and looked at him.

Le Zhi’s Toy Company is the world’s largest toy supplier. After they entered the Chinese market. Their name becomes popular to all children’s market and their sales increases.

However, Yun Tianyou secretly invested to a youth movie film.

This move made the other board of directors dissatisfied.

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 96: Genetic issues

  1. YY is expanding his business ventures in movies now and eventually will lead him to his dad. Thanks again for the updat, have a blessed evening. God bless.


  2. This is such an interesting story and the translation is really good so I’m wondering why there has been no update since January? Just making sure that if there had been more updates, I will be able to read them. Thank you in advance!!!


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