One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 46: Ominous feelings

Yun Shishi doesn’t know where did she get the strength to push the rich young man, the wine glass fell and shattered on the ground.

She desperately grabs her throat, bent over and cough, she vomits some wine, but she only felt her stomach was burning like there was a fire inside.

Pure whiskey is very strong for her, she doesn’t have any strength to spare.

They forcefully made her drink more than half of whiskey in the glass. In that moment, she keeps blinking her eyes, she felt dizzy and felt that her surroundings are turning upside down.

Her mind is spinning  … … She couldn’t almost clearly see the direction and her consciousness is gradually fading!

Yun Shishi wants to stand up, but her body is staggering, her whole body felt weak and numb.

She tried hard to get up, but then she fell back and sit on the sofa.

Then, there is this burning and dry feeling from her lower abdomen that constantly squirming. Yun Shishi tried climbing the table to get the whiskey bottle, her sweat continued dripping!

The whiskey was mixed with drugs. No wonder she got drunk so fast and it was so fierce.

Brother Qiang grinned, revealing his yellow teeth, and said: “This game is really good ah!”

“Hey! This is nothing to get my stuff! She’s not bad, right?”

The rich young man smiled with evil intention, then he looked at Yun Shishi, his heart is itching for her, “Brother Qiang! When you get tired of this girl, can you give us a few days to play with her too, ah!? Gee, this girl really have a dangerous beauty, hehe!”

“Her?” Brother Qiang smile, “OK, when I got bored, I will give her to you!”

Several rich youths nodded and laughed, they compliment him:”You’re the best Brother Qiang!”

“Brother Qiang, I have booked you a room! It’s a presidential suite!”

On the sofa, Yun Na opened her eyes and sat up. Isn’t she drunk? So why her eyes are very clear.

She really lost her mind. She looked at the unconscious Yun Shishi and her lips brought out a sneer.

“Brother Qiang, are you satisfied? I didn’t lie to you, right? Isn’t she worth the money I owe you?”

Yun Na smiled and said, “My sister is very pure! Better than those whores outside, her body is also very clean! If you tried to bring her to the night market, you can sell her for ten thousand per night, right? Brother Qiang can earn more!”

“Well, She’s really worth the price!”

She’s worth far more than hundreds of thousands, she’s worth a million!

Brother Qiang laughed and hug Yun Shishi, he is very satisfied with her.

“Thank you, Brother Qiang. Oh! don’t let her know that this is my doing, otherwise,  my dad will kill me!”

“I know!” He said impatiently.

Yun Na laughed: “Don’t worry! This woman belongs to you now, you don’t need to rush! And also about, the heroine audition letter … …”

“I did promise you. When it comes to it, I’ll do it, I’ll do it, so don’t bother me!”

Brother Qiang minds are full Yun Shishi’s body, he doesn’t care about Yun Na and just nodded. Several rich youths had already opened the door for him, he carried Yun Shishi and left the nightclub.


Suddenly the wind outside gets stronger.

The wind blows the windows and made a crackling sound.

Youyou was awakened from his nightmare, suddenly he sat up from the bed and look beside him … … his Mommy was gone.


An ominous feeling is rising in his chest.

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TLN: Yun Na, you really are a selfish bit** I hate you. You’re not fitted to be the heroine, you’re fitted to be the villain in the movie, if there is! You’re far worse than Cinderella’s step sisters >.<

Anyway, I’m really sorry guys *bow down* I forgot to include in my TLN (Chapter 45) on novitranslation site that I’ll be posting here now for the meantime. ^.^

No spoilers, please!

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      1. Although as a rational man and as a young lawyer I shouldn’t let my emotions runs wild but rape is my bottom line. Whenever I came across rapists or females who lied about being raped or as an accomplice my blood boils.

        Reading novels is become my hobby to put my mind at ease from a harsh life of a young lawyer.

        Very grateful 🙏🏽 to you for multiple releases.


    1. Lol when reading novel you should mad when you are mad
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  1. *FLIPS 100 MILLION TABLES* W.T.F. I mean… I suspected… but SERIOUSLY?!?! *throws Yu Na voodoo into the fire and burns it to ashes*

    Throw this shitty step sister away already!!! There’s no saving her!

    Thanks so much for all your hard work!!! I’m catching up on the story today~~~


  2. What the hell? Can I have karma come over and punch Yun Na in the face a thousand times? Then skin and fry her for eternity. What kind of person does this? Geez. My anger at these woman burn brighter than a million suns.


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