One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 53: She has a child?

The sleeping Yun Shishi doesn’t know that the man she’s hugging tightly is almost a perfect man. And at this moment, this man that is staring at her sleeping face, his heart is somehow feeling depressed … …

Mu Yazhe helplessly sigh … …

He looked at her body covered with traces of his purple mark and he decided to freshen her up.

Mu Yazhe got up, he took her into the bathroom and gave her a good clean up.

All his life, he grew up like a king, born with a golden spoon and sheltered with luxury. He has always been very particular about one thing, and that is not to serve anyone.

Even to his most beloved son Mu Yichen. The nanny was the one who took care of his daily needs most of the time. He had never served him, aside from material care and love.

Therefore, his movements right now are very clumsy and he made her feel pain for several times, even in her sleep. With Yun Shishi’s dissatisfaction, she makes a “hum” sounds like a weak little cat, but it appears to him like a silent complaint.

Women are delicate, and she is no exception.

Is there a woman who doesn’t want to be loved? though she turns side by side a little, she never experiences any man gave her any real favor and affection.

Yun Shishi frowns her eyebrows, but Mu Yazhe failed to notice it, at the moment his heart become soft, even with his clumsy movements he tried to be a bit gentle.

In the meantime, he called for another room service, he ordered for the wrinkled bed sheets to be changed.

If Yun Shishi wakes up at the moment, and look at the “war” experience of the bed sheets, she might not able to lift up her head.

Mu Yazhe carried her out of the bathroom and carefully laid her on the bed, the bed is now neat and clean. Yun Shishi put her arms on her chest, she looks like a sleeping child, and right now she is sleeping soundly.

Early in the morning, Mu Yazhe’s assistant sent him a set of new clothes in advance and also sent a set of women’s clothing. Naturally, they are expensive.

In the morning, there will be a board meeting , so he didn’t intend to stay any longer.

He put on a very expensive suit, he is the elite President of Emperor Sheng Foundation, a consortium of business tycoons.

After a night of extreme love making, Mu Yazhe was only a bit tired and had only ordered a chicken soup for his breakfast.

When Mu Yazhe was about to go, he heard an ugly and harsh ringing.

He looks back coldly, he wanted to ignore it, but he heard the rings are coming from the pocket of her clothes that is scattered on the sofa.

Yun Shishi who is lying on the bed seems got disturbed by the sound of her mobile phone, she keeps turning, and her eyebrows are frowning.

Obviously, she was stirred by the loud sound.

He frowned coldly and move closer to get her mobile phone out from her pocket. Mu Yazhe hesitated to hang up the call but it ended.

On the screen, there were a big number of missed calls.

Mu Yazhe looks at the name on the screen, the missed call was from “You You”. Mu Yazhe slowly raised his eyebrow.

This name is clearly like a child’s nickname.

A trace of strange thoughts float in his mind – does she already have a child?

Yun Shishi’s old mobile phone has a very simple function, so Mu Yazhe was able to look some info about the caller. Youyou’s birthday was saved in the calendar, it says five-year-olds.

In addition, all daily sent and receive text messages was from him. And also the key alarm function for a crucial moment is also him.

At that time the phone was not so cheap, she bought it only to use for an emergency situation, after all, Youyou still has a weak body.

She has always been willing to devote all her efforts to Youyou .

Mu Yazhe got surprised with the perseverance of the child.

“You You” words was once again pop out on the screen as the caller.

But this time, he did not ignore it, he chose to answer.

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TLN: Ohhh How SWEEEETTTT! What a heart beating chapter *fufufu* Don’t get confused by the age of Youyou guys..coz it’s YSS’s old phone remember? surely she didn’t update it.

No spoilers, please!

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 53: She has a child?

  1. Thanks for the chapter.
    You You and Yazhe first conversation. Probably don’t recognise each other as father and son yet but it will be interesting nonetheless.


  2. Mu Yazhe will be curious to find out about the boy name Yuo You, He is going to ask YSS or read the investigation file of YSS. I hope his assistant will not lie to him this time. Reunion of his son will coming soon. Thanks for the chapter. Have a blessed day.


  3. Hahahaha, speak to daddy the first time very nicely.. Speak to daddy second time You You become mother bear? He will be, You You is smart. Very smart lil man

    Thank you for the chapter


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