One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 64: Is it a coincidence?

At the age of four, he already learned how to assemble his own supercomputer.

These advanced systems are difficult to assemble, even for the top scientific laboratories.

Today, although he is less than seven years old, his accomplishments are remarkable.

However, all this is a buried secret in his heart.


When Youyou passed by the bookstore, his eyes didn’t intend to gaze to an entertainment magazine. He seems magically got attracted to it.

He gently tiptoed his foot and took down the brand new magazine.

He read the title: “The mysterious woman near the Crown Prince Mu, suspected underground lovers got exposed?”

The magazine cover is a photographed about a handsome man with somehow blurred figure together with a slender girl in front of the hotel.

And that mysterious woman is known as the “New Star Lu Yuxi”.

Before, Lu Yuxi and Gu Xingze’s sex scandal spread and become famous. And these two become the main focus of the top three major entertainment media headlines.

After that sex scandal, she signed a contract with Universal Entertainment, she got starred at once as the female lead in the film known as the “Universal Goddess”.

The outside world has speculated that the reason why the Universal Entertainment is willing to hold her because she has a strong backing behind the scenes, and they expected that this power figure is no other than President Mu Yazhe.

As for how this picture got shot and put in this magazine, it is estimated to be a pure luck. Lu Yuxi’s mysterious private background has always been a center of gossip but those photographers said that they did not intend to capture this ambiguous picture.

President Mu Yazhe has never been involved in a small scale sex scandal in the newspaper. It is precisely because of the big influence of Mu Family and his prominent position. Especially, he has always been a mysterious person.

But whenever the newspaper magazine dares to publish his scandal, by the next day the publisher company will receive a negotiation from the Mu Family.

Youyou’s eye didn’t get attracted to the title, but to that man on the photo. His facial features, eyebrows, demeanor, and his spirit is like got carved out from the mold of an emperor.

Youyou stare a bit more.

He looked closely at the magazine cover, subconsciously he touched his little face. He felt strange and suspicious.

Taken into account, that man’s deep eyes, delicate nose, or even that thin lip lines. Youyou’s mind got messy!

How come? They look the same! He seems to be carved out from him!

He seems to be a living copy of him!

With many suspicions, Youyou bought the magazine before he left the bookstore. And when he starts walking down the street, he glimpses a little at a Mercedez-Benz car.

An Old man is sitting on the back seat, his hand is leaning on a cane and he looked solemn. But when his line of sight accidentally looks outside the window, he saw a very familiar figure!

“Stop the car!”

The driver got shocked and suddenly steps on the brakes, the Mercedez-Benz car firmly stopped at the roadside.

“Master, what’s wrong?”

The Old man moves closer and looked out the window, his eyes become like an eagle.

He looked at the child who’s slowly passing by, the little boy has a handsome face, has a deep profile and has an elegant appearance.

He looks exactly the same during Yazhe’s childhood age!

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TLN: ohhhhh! things are getting more tied up and interesting… Wanna guess who that old man is? *fufufu* Anyway, I tried posting three chaps again guys coz I’ll be absent tomorrow >.<

No spoilers, please!

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22 thoughts on “Chapter 64: Is it a coincidence?

      1. or he can go against his father….ba ha ha ha ha ha ha…but as they say its a long story….wa….
        thanks for the update…


      2. Nooo… how’s his brother then? Not smart?
        I think because the author wants to make war between father and son? To get claim of her? Hmm or maybe become astronaut? Lol


  1. >.< thank u..!!! actually i just start this novel last night n end up keep reading until 5am..when reacheed chap 61..i was like..'no..!!i want more!!' but with no other choice..i went to sleep..

    n now..!! thank u very much!!!


    1. What a coincidence! I also started last night and finished in one go then sadly went to sleep at ch-61.
      The little radish You You is kawaii X 100.


      1. hahaha..i read lots of chinese novels..of coz the translated version..but to be hrist translation far more understandable than other blog..i’m not saying they r bad bcoz its still readable..but bcoz of ai hrist translation easy to understand so i can read n understand them at one go..!!!

        really love it..

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  2. Grandpa is going to talk to him and ask who is his mom and father. If he said that he doesn’t know his dad he is going to investigate further. He will find out the truth and YY identity. It’s getting interesting and I want more…thanks and have a blessed day.


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