One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 65: Different from ordinary children

He looked at the child who’s slowly passing by, the little boy has a handsome face, has a deep profile and has an elegant appearance.

He looks exactly the same during Yazhe’s childhood age!

He even looks exactly the same with Little Yi Chen.

If only his temperament doesn’t look mature and deep. He will even think that this child is Little Yi Chen!

But he really got surprised, when he look at the child ‘s face more, he looks like Mu Yazhe so much.

The child probably six or seven years of age, but he is wearing ordinary clothes, is it really just a coincidence?

The wind starts blowing, the little boy’s hair got messy and the little boy slightly raised his face. The Old man tried to look closer: this … … is definitely not a coincidence!

The Old man pushed open the car door, when the driver saw him, he hurriedly stops him and grabs his arm.

But the Old man suddenly pushed him, while leaning on his cane he walked quickly towards the child. The driver quickly catch up on him because his body is not in a good condition. Every month he should regularly visit the hospital and Madame Mu Wan Rou keeps reminding them always to take care of the master, again and again, and to not let him get in trouble!

Youyou is walking slowly that made things easy for the Old man to gradually get closer to him.

The Old man pointed to him, the driver quickly stepped in front of Youyou.


Youyou look at the strange man, he got confused why this unknown man will try to stop him. But because he receives a good upbringing, he showed an elegant smile.

“Uncle, can I help you?”

Behind him came an old voice.

“Little Boy, turn around for me!”

Youyou casually turned and smiled to the elderly.

He was very polite and showed respect for the elder.

Youyou sees the old man, he looks more than sixty years old, he looks thin but has very sharp eyes.

Although he shows no expression on his face, but he has a very dignified and intimidating aura and he seems like a powerful man.

The Old man closely looks at him. He felt that this is incredible!

This child is already big, is he Yazhe’s illegitimate child?

But how can that be?

His grandson Mu Yazhe has always been ruthless to any woman. So how can he impregnated other woman and have such a big child?

And he even looks exactly the same with Little Yi Chen.


“Child, what is your name?”

Youyou elegantly smile, but he doesn’t know why this grandfather has been staring at him.

The Old man’s thin lips rose slightly, he seems to be smiling but his eyes are still a bit cold.

“Grandpa, my mom told me not to talk to strangers.”

The Old man got surprised, this child whether his eyes or tone are amazingly mature and calm! Is he really like a six-year-old child?

He was … … like the nine-year-old Mu Yazhe before, smart, mature and has deep eyes. He is extremely similar to him.

“Tell Grandpa! Who’s your mother?”

“My mommy has nothing to do with you.” He replied with a smile on his lips, then he turned to leave. But once again the driver stops him.

This driver has martial skills and grabs his arm a little harder, all of a sudden Youyou felt pain.

Youyou smiles on his lips immediately turn cold.

“Let go.”

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TLN: Youyou sounds like MYZ when he speaks cold. >.< ohhhhh granpa is sicked? don’t die yet ha! fix everything first *fufufu*

No spoilers, please!

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17 thoughts on “Chapter 65: Different from ordinary children

  1. Wahh! Is he going to show off some amazing skill? Or maybe just do a cold aloof act? Hmmmmmm….I need the next chapter!


  2. What make me discontent is that the chapter is too short~T^T
    But the story is good and likable…
    Hope you will still continue translating it…
    Good luck and good job.. ^^,
    Btw, i like youyou and ye chen ❤


    1. I love you you and ye chen. I wonder if this story is similar to the disney movie the parent trap. Thank you very much for the quick translation.


  3. ooooooohhhhhh…our cold little Muzhe a.k.a Youyou is showing his true side not seen by his mom….awww…thank you for the updates…..


  4. Thanks for the chapter.
    If that Old Man meets YSS will he recognise her?
    I feel like nearly everything is fated to be. With YSS having her jade stolen from her meaning she could become a surrogate mother for the person whom she would marry if she still had it. Sort of reminds me of the ‘world autocorrect’ from ‘Akuyaku Reijo Ni Koi Wo Shite’. Some things are just meant to happen.


  5. Finally he met his grandpa, I’m hoping he will ask Mu Yazhe if he impregnated anybody and he met a boy who is very much lookalike when he was young and also ye Chen. Grandpa should take a picture of Youyou. You you is showing his coldness toward the driver. Looking forward for the next chapter. Thanks for your hard work is very much appreciated.


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