One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 68: Who is his father?

Youyou had sense her strange emotions, he cannot help but worry. “Mommy, what’s wrong with you?”

“Oh, nothing! Mommy will definitely protect you. I won’t let anyone take you away from Mommy’s side, ah!”

Youyou got startled, his eyebrows frown and a thought flashed in his eyes, but he immediately restores his gentle smile.

“Mommy say what? Youyou will always be Mommy’s baby, I will always be Mommy’s baby!”

Yun Shishi was touched and pleased with his words.

She pinches his milk face and gave him two kisses on the cheeks. “Baby, Mommy really loves you so much!”

“Silly Mommy, come on inside!” From outside the door, the cold wind is blowing, he sees Yun Shishi’s nose are frozen red, so Youyou immediately prepared her slippers at the door.

Yun Shishi entered their apartment, she tosses her bag in the sofa, but her eyes glimpse on the magazine lying on the table, the moment she saw the blurred picture of a man on the cover, her face instantly got pale.

“Um, what’s on the table?”

“I just bought the entertainment magazine at the bookstore.” Youyou smiled, he went to the table and calmly put the magazine inside his bag.

Yun Shishi tried to sustain a calm tone. “Youyou, after buying this entertainment magazine, you won’t be able to imagine how messy the big people’s world, ah!”

When Youyou heard this, he cannot help but laugh and even his eyes are too lazy to turn and look at her.

Don’t think that he is just a small child, his social experience may not be less than his mother.

How dirty the adult world? his heart clearly understand it more than Yun Shishi.

Youyou set the dishes, he placed the rice and her favorite stir fry dish in front of her, everything is prepared well!

Yun Shishi calms her mind and tried to enjoy her son’s cooking, her heart is full of overflowing satisfaction and happiness!

“Stupid Mommy, let’s eat!”

Yun Shishi quickly holds her rice bowl and started eating like a wolf.

Youyou look at her eyes with contempt. He thinks that her mommy met a really scary people outside because usually, she always had a quiet lady’s attitude compared to the current situation … …

“Mommy! Eat like a lady and restrain yourself! Just eat slowly.”

Yun Shishi didn’t agree, she’s eating at home now, why need to be so formal? “Don’t worry so much, we’re at home.”

Youyou learn how to cook at the age of four, he learns very fast. He can already copy and make the dishes just by watching a cooking show.

French cuisine, Western cuisine, and Chinese cuisine. He can cook them all like a star chef.

Yun Shishi always eats his delicious cooking and because of it, sometimes she felt that others cooking taste dull!

This also makes her more worried, Youyou’s talent these days seems simply not over!

In some ways,  having such a talented son, she felt that she is a successful Mother.

On the other hand, she is a mother at home but her fingers doesn’t even do much housework, while his son was well versed in doing those stuff, she is a big failure as a mother … …

However, Youyou did not move his chopsticks and just quietly watching Yun Shishi. Suddenly his hands lazily propped on his chin and looked at her with a smile.

“Mommy, can I ask you a question?”

Yun Shishi didn’t think much about it and continued eating. “Huh? What’s the problem?”

Youyou smile and said:”My daddy is … …?”

Youyou words haven’t finished, but Yun Shishi got already choked on a mouthful rice at her throat and her face become flushed red. Youyou smile and carelessly pushed the water in front of her, but considerately tapping her back.

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TLN: Ohhh! Youyou… you seems to be an ideal husband *fufufu*

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6 thoughts on “Chapter 68: Who is his father?

  1. I really need to have a suspension of disbelief while reading this novel. First of all, how does a six year old child of a poor single parent own 60% of the stocks of the biggest toy company in the world, is the president/director of said company, and also learned how to cook at the age of 4. He built a supercomputer (how could he afford the parts?), has a better phone than his mom, and has a greater mental capacity than your average computer….

    Wait, what?!

    How does anyone let a six year old near the kitchen stove, not to mention a four year old? Where did he get the money to invest in this toy company? How did he become the designer of the toys? Or the DIRECTOR? Don’t you need some credentials or need to be voted into that position after a great deal of investigation into the private history of the candidate that’s supposed to run the company?!

    The author does alot of telling in the story, but doesn’t really explain the why’s and how’s of the reasons this child has what he has. Simply having a high IQ doesn’t pardon all of the acts that he’s achieved. He’s a director, a toy designer, a computer genius, a master chef, and at the end of the day, a six year old child…….It would take other geniuses in at least an upper middle class family a couple of decades to achieve what he’s achieved in what’s possibly two years for You You. And the amount of roles and jobs he has within this story could be split into individual characters. I don’t think the author thought this character out very well and wanted to keep You ShiShi a young female protagonist while also want You You to be a superhero scale genius with outrageous accomplishments.

    Well that marks the end of my rant.:D I still love the story, but this You You part just throws me in a loop even if I love the little guy. The author needs to probably be a bit more realistic, even if this is a melodrama romance. BUT!!!!! Thanks for translating the new chapter! And I’ll continue to read the story, even if I grumble a bit here and there 😉

    Liked by 2 people

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