One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 67: Nobody can take away her son

But even if he doesn’t care, it doesn’t mean that he is not curious.

Children from an early age have always a sense of yearning and admiration to their father, Youyou had experience that too before.

But now, he didn’t yearn for the care of a father, like any other children. Because his mommy gave him love and warm home.

From his memory, he had always seen his mommy alone, no man has ever subdued her strong spirit, which is highly insulting to him.

And at that time in the park,  when he saw a father accompanying his son to play with the remote control car, his heart felt happy.

But more on longing, because he will never experience that.

Over the period of time, this admiration for his father has turned to blame and hate. Now the concept of a father is dispensable for him.

He has a Mommy but he has no father or something? It doesn’t matter.

He doesn’t care.

Now, he has everything.

No one would have guessed, that a six years old like him is already one of the Managing Director of the largest company called “Le Zhi”.

Le Zhi Toy Company is the world’s largest toy suppliers in the industrial chain in North America, Europe, and Asia. Many children have enjoyed their pride intellectual inventions of toys.

And 60% stake in the Board of Directors is in his hands.

But not only that, he is also the company’s chief toy designer. If he designed a toy, it will become the most sensation and favorite of all children around the world.

Other children are holding toys to play, but he is different, he has hundreds of millions of worth of cash because of toys.

But Yun Shishi doesn’t know all this and Youyou doesn’t know how he will tell and explain the truth to her.

While inside their room.

The door bell rang. Followed by “bang” sound of the door, it seems that there was someone leaning on the door. And then came the weak voice of Yun Shishi.

“You You … …”

Youyou’s eyes light a flash, the deep look on his face immediately disappear and got replaced by his cute and innocent smile. He ran to the door and open it.

“Mommy! You’re back! Youyou waited so long, ah!”

Youyou raised his head and saw her face looks haggard, but still has her usual lovely smile.

“Youyou, Mommy’s back …”

Yun Shishi is very tired, when she just entered the door, she heard the sound of the operation of the washing machine. A warm feeling suddenly surrounded her, the atmosphere of that night has been driven away!

In her life, there is one thing that can make her happy! Her biggest blessing is her cute and well-behaved sensible son.

Yun Shishi touched the tip of Youyou’s nose, she didn’t even wait to put on her slippers, and abruptly hug him tightly into her arms!

Her whole body has recovered as if it got injected with full strength.

Who said her son is her warm little jacket? Her baby is really better than any other’s son!

Then she remembered that handsome man, clearly, they really are a father and son, but her son is so lovely, gentle and kind, so how come his father’s face looks cold all day? he is truly a living iceberg.

Genes are indeed unreliable.

Yun Shishi looked at Youyou’s face, suddenly Mu Yazhe’s handsome face emerge from her mind, her heart immediately sank.

Thinking about it, if that man knows the existence of Yun Tian You, surely he will take her baby away. She cannot help but felt some fear and unconsciously she hugs Youyou again. She couldn’t imagine, if she had lost Youyou surely her life will be full of despair.

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9 thoughts on “Chapter 67: Nobody can take away her son

  1. You you is genius boy. No one can bully him or take him away from his mom, even if his father or grandfather will discovered his existence. He is going fight them and defend his mom for custody. Thanks for the update eagerly awaits for the next chapter. Have a blessed day.


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