One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 70: Sooner or later that night’s event will be…

Yun Shishi hurriedly explains: “When I’m eating … … I accidentally bite it.”

She saw Youyou helplessly looking at her.

“Mommy, what did you eat that made you bite your lips?”

Please don’t ask anymore, OK? Are you really six years old?

Although he really is only a six years old boy.

Was this child able see through her lies, Yun Shishi felt embarrassed and awkwardly replied: “I really bitten it!”

Although she really not.

But Youyou is very sensitive like his father, his eyes narrowed, and forcefully ask: “Who bite you?”

Yun Shishi got a headache. At that moment she remembered that man again, their genes are really troublesome, Why these father and son were so similar?

She smiled: “Mommy accidentally bite it!”

Youyou understand that she has no intention, to tell the truth, so he didn’t ask further, but pursed his lips and said: “Mommy, just tell me who bully you and Youyou will try to protect Mommy!”

Yun Shishi cannot help but laugh, this child is clearly only six years old and yet sometimes has a broad imagination. However, she didn’t think much about it, she knows that he is only worried about her. Yun Shishi felt warm and kiss his forehead.

Youyou put a warm smile on his face, but his heart felt pain.

His mommy is still young, obviously, at her age, she should be enjoying the beauty of her youth, but she burdens herself to get mature early.

While she was raising him, she’s also finishing her course and working at the same time, so she tasted early the hardship of life.

And also during the lactation period, she’s very concern about him so she was reluctant to leave and go to work, even if her body was very tired and almost about to collapse.

There were many times that he really wanted to tell her mother that he has the ability to take care of their living expenses now and to protect her.

But he was so worried and scared. If she learns that he can do all these at his age, can she accept him? Or will she think that he is a monster?

This morning, he found their unpaid bills in the past few months, and when he tried to look each one of them, he couldn’t help but got surprised!

They are renting an apartment close to the city and school district. The place has a good environment and is safe, but the rent and the monthly fee for utilities, water and electricity are very expensive.

Not only that, she tried giving Youyou the best room so he can study very well. She also bought nice and comfortable clothes for him too, which cost a lot of money. But her monthly salary is not enough for all of these and only a few remain.

She spends at least twenty thousand each month.

“Mommy don’t be so hard on yourself ah! So days will pass by without so many difficulties.” Youyou said with softness in his eyes.

“But listen to what Aunt Xiao Xue had said, if mommy has a dream to be an actress, then you must try it!”


“But don’t pull a long face every day.” Youyou added in distressed.

Yun Shishi apologetically smile,”Mommy is wrong, I won’t bring back at home my bad mood at work. Let’s continue eating! Youyou the food you cook is very delicious ah, Mommy loves it!”

Then, Yun Shishi smiled and start moving her chopsticks, Youyou quietly sit on the chair and smile, his eyes are curved like a half moon.

On the other hand, Yun Shishi has always been very strong mind, so all the unpleasant scenes completely vanished from her memory.

But last night’s event sooner or later will be …

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