One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 69: Don’t take away her son

Youyou words haven’t finished, but Yun Shishi got already choked on a mouthful rice at her throat and her face become flushed red. Youyou smile and carelessly pushed the water in front of her, but considerately tapping her back.

Yun Shishi quickly drank two or three mouthfuls of water, this barely helps her to swallowed down the food. Then she looks at Youyou with a “Do you know something?” expressions written all over her face!

Why would he suddenly ask this question? Is … … he aware of something?

Youyou sees the panic in her beautiful eyes, and then he tried to have “I don’t know” expression with his innocent smile.

Yun Shishi patted her forehead!

Before, Yun Tian You had asked the same question, but at that time she casually pulled a lie to cover the past, so now after a long time, she couldn’t remember what she had answered!

If her answer now is not the same as before and Youyou happens to remember it. It will show that she’s lying, right?

Yun Shishi hesitated for a moment but purposely decided to change the topics. “Ah! baby come closer, Mommy will give you a shoulder massage. How’s school today? Don’t you feel shoulder pain!?”

When Yun Shishi words fell, she sees Youyou with teary eyes and staring at her.

Yun Shishi had cold sweat, “Youyou, what’s with that look?”

Youyou stared made her heart felt guilty.

Youyou sighed. “Mommy can’t you really tell me.”

He got up from his chair and sat beside Yun Shishi, he tried kneading his small fist on her shoulder. Yun Shishi’s heart almost stop from beating and her mind becomes blank.

However, Youyou sees the deep sense of guilt in her face.

Youyou carefully watched her face and felt suspicious, he slowly said: “This morning, when I call you, who is uncle that answered the call?”

“What … …?” Yun Shishi got surprised.

Could it be that man?

“Who is that uncle?”

Youyou asked her once again and she got very nervous.

Yun Shishi hesitantly asked: “That uncle did he say anything … … did he asked your name?”

“No, but even if that uncle asks, Youyou will not tell him!” Youyou casually replied, “Didn’t Mommy taught Youyou not to tell my name to any strange uncle or aunt … …”

“Youyou is really good and wise ah!” Yun Shishi is extremely pleased.

“But Youyou did ask Uncle to increase Mommy’s salary!” Youyou naively prop up his head and smile with exposed teeth.

Yun Shishi’s eyes got hot and her voice sounds slightly hoarse: “Youyou, you will never leave Mommy, right?”

Youyou immediately said: “Youyou will never leave Mommy. Why will you ask that?”

“If … …” Yun Shishi carefully asked, “If one day, your father tried to take you away … …”

“No!, Youyou is mommy’s baby, I will only love Mommy!” When Youyou said those words, Yun Shishi tears starts falling!

She tightly hugs her little baby and the anxiety she felt in her heart suddenly disappeared.

In this life, no one can take him away!

Yun Shishi apologetically said: “Youyou, in any case… that mommy is not at home. Don’t let anyone enter our house, ok?.”

Youyou tightly wrapped his arms around her, his little face flushed and his two little hands are patting her shoulder to make her feel at ease.

But then, Yun Shishi’s face suddenly got stiff, when Youyou’s small hand touched the small lesion in her lips and looking at the blood cloth, his eyes got narrowed and asked: “Mommy, why do you have wound on your lips?”

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TLN: Go Youyou!… interrogate your mom more *fufufu*

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 69: Don’t take away her son

  1. thx 4 the chapter !
    but im going crazy beceause there are not so manny updates ! please try your best for more updates ! Bedankt live this story and the way you translate is also amazing !


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