One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 73: Never compromise

“You!… …” Yun Li Qin was actually speechless.

It’s evidently mean that Yun Shishi remembers all the thing and words that Yun Li Qin had done, for her to say these words.

In the past, Yun Shishi has a weak personality and was very easy to bully like a cat. But now she’s not the same! She will no longer forbear, they abused her so much, she will make them pay one by one!

However, Yun Li Qin walks near her and suddenly grab her arm.

Yun Shishi coldly looked at her hand and expressionlessly said: “Get your hands off me.”

Her voice reveals a haughty tone.

At that moment, Yun Li Qin got stunned and stared at her, her heart felt an indifferent anger because of her attitude!

“Do you still see me as your mother?”

Yun Shishi’s heart turn colder, her face showed a sweet smile and said:”You always said that I don’t have a mother, right? You never admitted that I was your daughter, so why are you asking me if I still see you as my mother?”

Yun Li Qin finally couldn’t hold her anger: “Hmmp! It’s true that your birth mother doesn’t care about you, or else you wouldn’t be living with us, right? But, if she sees you now, she will be thankful that she didn’t raise a slut daughter like you or she might even regret that she let you live!”

Yun Shishi maintains her cold eyes: “Then, why don’t you ask your daughter about what disasters she’s been doing outside?  Let’s see if you will still be proud or curse her!”

Yun Na quickly got stir up:”Dad! Look at her! Is she trying to frame me now? Shishi you cheap woman! You’re still unmarried and yet you already have a bastard son. So who’s more terrible between us? And now you have guts to frame me, do you have any evidence?”

Yun Na has always been good in lying and made up a story. From an early age, she likes to frame her, to bully her, to humiliate her together with her mother Yun Li Qin. And in front of Yun Yecheng, she always deliberately fabricated her fault to a good one.

“Dad, do you believe in her or me?” Yun Shishi stared at him.

“Dad, don’t listen to that cheap slut’s nonsense, you have to believe me, I am your daughter, ah! … …”

“Shut up!”

Yun Yecheng can no longer hold his anger, he unconditionally believed that they stopped treating Yun Shishi badly.

But unexpectedly, when he is not at home, they still continue their abuse. “Li Qin, I see now that when Shishi was still young you are very ruthless to her! Did you feed your conscience to a dog?”

Yun Yecheng saw Yun Na shrink on the side, naturally, he understood that this is a guilty conscience!

“Good! Very Good! Gambling? Drugs? Debt? Nana, you really give your Dad a face ah!”

“No … … Dad, listen to me, I can explain ah!” Yun Na’s tears started flowing.

“Shut up! You bastard!”

Yun Yecheng got furious and slap Yun Na in the face!

That night, that was the first time Yun Yecheng severely beat Yun Na in front of Yun Li Qin, his belt leaves a mark on her back.

Yun Shishi leaves the house. From the outside, she can still hear Yun Na’s hoarse cries coming from the living room.

Since young up to now, Yun Na never suffered such humiliations, she might have hated herself now.

For Yun Shishi this disciplining method is nothing!

All the things that Yun Li Qin and Yun Na had done to her are still engraved in her mind.

Pricking her palm with needles, grabbing and cutting her hair … …

The pain that Yun Na is suffering now is simply nothing compared to all her humiliation in the past!

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TLN: Yea fight for yourself and for YY ^.^. Hi guys, while waiting for more updates I would like to suggest reading another novel translation if you have an extra time, which is: MY DEAD HUSBAND. I am only suggesting it for those readers that like horror stories too like me. It is a horror web novel but has a romance between a human and a ghost. It’s not actually scary, but rather intriguing because our male lead is a ghost monk *fufufu*

No spoilers, please!

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 73: Never compromise

  1. I can’t wait what will happen to Yun Na when brother Qiang will collect her debt. I hope he will teach her a lesson and her parents will find out how she behave out side. Finally YSS is fighting back she no longer a weakling girl that they can bully and abused. I hope Mr. Yun will tell his wife that YSS is the one who paid their debts. Thanks for the update looking forward for the next chapter. Have a blessed day.


  2. Finally…i hope YSS and YY will leave a separate life from that family. Her father might visit her but that mother and daughter should stay away from them like farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…………………………….away…okay..
    thanks for the update…


    (_( ・ω<)_() ≡≡≡❤ ◎
     / つノ
    ..し―J I hope the father will divorce that bitch and just live together with MC. The dad doesn't deserve those trash…
    Is the MC finally fighting?


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