One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 72: Disgusting home

She slaps Yun Na’s face ten times more.

A loud and merciless slaps fall into Yun Na’s face. Yun Na was caught off guard and can only endure the harsh reality. Yun Shishi didn’t miss a single slap and it seems she got obsess in slapping her face.

Both sides of her cheeks have a clear five fingerprint, and her glamorous face got ruined.

Yun Na’s angered got burst! She is very proud of her beautiful face, but now Yun Shishi actually hurt her face? she couldn’t wait to strangle this slut!

She rushed forward to fight with her, but because Yun Shishi was holding her other wrist in reverse direction, it got twisted. Yun Na started wailing from pain and just grabbed Yun Shishi’s hair.

“What are you two doing?” Came a loud shout at the door.

Yun Yecheng stood at the door and look at the chaos scenes in the living room with his angry red eyes.

“Stop at once! What is this fight?”

“Dad!” When Yun Shishi sees him, she immediately hides the cold look in her face. “Yun Na,  she has done too far … …”

Yun Shishi tried sobbing a few times as if she has experience a big grievance.

Yun Na stared at her stupidly.

The Yun Shishi before never complains, even if they hit her hard and suffered a great injustice.

But now she learns how to act innocent?

Yun Na suffered from shortness of breath and now her face is still burning from pain!

So who is too much?

Yun Shishi looks weak and helpless, her delicate and charming appearance could penetrate the heart of anyone who will see her current situation.

Yun Yechengs heart got broken, his pair of sharp eyes fiercely look at Yun Na and Yun Na cannot help but shiver.

Yun Li Qin heard the noise and saw the parade.

When she looks at her daughter’s face, she found that there are five fingerprints and it’s swelling.

“Mother, this slut hit me! And she also called me a cheap whore!”

“Who said you’re a cheap whore ah?!” Yun Li Qin got furious, she turns to look at Youyou and Yun Shishi and shouted, “The Yun Family will no longer recognize you two wild species and will only raise this filial daughter of mine! ”

Yun Shishi sneer.

Youyou walked near Yun Shishi and hold her hand, he turned to look at Yun Li Qin, his handsome and lovely little face expose a very charming deep smile.

“Grandma, don’t worry, Mommy has me. Rather you might need to worry about money to take good care of your face!”

When Yun Li Qin heard this, she suddenly felt embarrassed to cover her face. She was so beautiful before, however, when she gave birth to Yun Na, stretch marks started to get visible coupled with her middle-aged now. She tried to maintain her beauty but it was fruitless.She no longer had her beautiful face when she was young. And now, Youyou’s poisonous tongue deeply stabbed her sorrow.

 Look at this child, he is very young, has a bright smile, looks simple and lovely, but can say such a vicious words!

She got choked and turn speechless: “You … …”

Youyou lifted his little face and pulled the sleeves of Yun Shishi, his little voice reveals a harmless sound: “Mommy, do you know what ‘sick mother’ and ‘disgusting daughter’ mean?”

Yun Shishi smile and asked: “What do you mean?”

Youyou glanced at  Yun Li Qin and Yun Na, he casually replied: “It means a disgusting home.”

When Yun Li Qin heard him, she got furious once again. This child tried to ridicule her? She rushed forward wanting to slap Youyou in the face, but her wrist was grabbed hard by Yun Shishi!

“You! Don’t act like you’re a dutiful daughter! And you even dare to fight with my daughter now? Yecheng, look at Nana’s face ha, this slut slap her hard!”

Yun Shishi didn’t even wait for Yun Yecheng’s response, she raised her face and said: ” Yes, I did slap your daughter because your daughter is not filial at all. She gambles, she uses drugs to bet, she has a large debt, I also lost my job because of her, and she nearly killed me last night, I … … ”

Yun Shishi was very angry but didn’t continue to say more about last night’s event.

“You always say that I don’t have a mother and that I only survive because you fed me? But in the end, I became your maidservant, right? After all these years, you took advantage of me, you made me do all housework and everything that is concerning in this house. I also have dignity, so how could you this to me?” Yun Shishi said with resentment.

“You!… …” Yun Li Qin was actually speechless.

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  1. The sleeping giant is awaken, It’s about time to fight back and give her a doze of her own medicines. Slapping her is not enough to pay for her crimes. Hopefully the other guy will collect his money and give her a lesson. Thanks for the update and also the sponsors. Have a blessed day.


  2. Thank you for the chapter *-*! I am always waiting for update *-*! Finally she is going to fight back~ I think that Youyou will take good revenge!


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  4. go girl…..kick ass…yahoo…let celebrate for freedom of that family…his father maybe nice but there’s always that line when you need to stop and defend yourself…yahoo…
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    ..し―J Yes that what should be down…
    The drama and painful stuff happening to the heroine make me cringe so much.
    I'm glad she's finally fighting back with her son backing


  6. She finally fights back. I was hoping she’d fight back when the mother slapped Youyou, tbh. Cause I’d have done that…. Though if it were me, I might not have held it in so long.


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