One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 75: This is her other child

This child… could it be …

Yun Shishi got shocked with her guess.

Six years ago, she agreed to a contract with that man, she gave birth to twins but because it was premature delivery, Youyou was born with a weak body and a careless nurse mistakenly declared him dead.

The older brother was directly taken away by that man.

Yun Yecheng helped her to manipulate all the information about the younger twin.

And for her to be able to keep Youyou is a very fortunate thing.

But as a mother, there is no room to disregard your own flesh and blood.

For six years, every day and night her mind is quietly thinking and imagining her other son that she never met before.

This child must be very similar to Youyou, right?

He must have the same eyes, nose, and handsome face.

But… … she didn’t expect that these two children’s face look very similar.

Yun Shishi keeps staring at him, actually, her eyes got wet … … She never expects that in this lifetime, she would be able to see this child!

Mu Yi Chen has the same temper of Mu Yazhe, he never likes a stranger to keep staring at him. But between mother and son, there is a faint feeling of intimacy.

When the woman collapses in front of him and her tears started to burst, his cold iron heart suddenly got soft.

“You… …Who are you?” Mu Yi Chen looked at her suspiciously and he got alerted.

When Yun Shishi heard his tender voice, it’s also very similar to Youyou, which made her emotion difficult to control.

Mu Yi Chen stepped back more, subconsciously his mind doesn’t want to approach her. Several servants that standing behind him quickly stood in front of Yun Shishi.

“Who are you?  You’re not allowed to get near to young master!”

“I … …” Yun Shishi opens her mouth but turns speechless.

Yes, what is her identity? Did she wish to be recognized by this child?

Her own flesh and blood are in front of her eyes, but she cannot be recognized by him. What kind of pain is this? And also what an irony?

She smiled and faintly replied: “You can rest assured, I am not a bad person, I will not hurt you!”

Mu Yi Chen felt warmed with her gentle smile.

He had never seen such a warm smile, he remembers that his father rarely smiles in front of him.

And his mother, she often laughs with him but has much complex meaning and he felt cold instead.

But this strange woman, for the first time in his life made him feel a maternal tenderness.

For a moment, his mind flashes a white light and interrupted his thoughts… …

After all, they are strangers, so he didn’t give too much meaning.

“You have been staring at me and I don’t like it!” Mu Yi Chen warned her, his tone is cold and has no feelings.

Yun Shishi just smiled to him, when a strange woman came behind her.

“Who’s standing there?”

Yun Shishi got stunned and look back, she saw a noble woman was standing behind her and coldly looking at her.

However, when Yun Shishi turn and look at her at that moment, the noble woman instant increase her vigilance!

“Yun Shishi … …”

Mu Wan Rou’s heart got shocked, she actually did not expect to meet her again! For more than ten years, the weak and helpless girl in her memory is now a beautiful, pure and refined woman. The cruel years didn’t seem to leave any traces in her body.

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 75: This is her other child

  1. Wa….let the battle begin between the real heiress and the fake one…between the one with great twin son and the nobody person…between the true love and arranged one…
    ha ha ha ha…in the midst of everything Mu Wan Ruo will always be the loser she may have Little Yi Chen and MZ but YSS got Yuoyuo and according to that kid that was enough…love it…
    my bet is on YSS and Yuoyuo of course…
    And Mu Wan Ruo shouldn’t even think of getting her hands on YSS duh you are not match to our dear Yuoyuo…
    Thanks for the update and sorry for long comment.


  2. I wish it was his father YZ he is with not Mu ran. It must had been hard on YSS knowing her other son is near and yet it is so far, she can’t even acknowledge him as her son or even hug him. Thanks for the update and also the sponsor. Have a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year to all.


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