One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 76: She has no rights for custody

Mu Wan Rou’s heart got shocked, she actually did not expect to meet her again!

For more than ten years, the weak and helpless girl in her memory is now a beautiful, pure and refined woman. The cruel years didn’t seem to leave any traces in her body.

Even if Yun Shishi’s not wearing a make-up now, her beauty is still earth shattering and she looks so young like a high school student.

Yun Shishi also looks at her and a light flash in her mind, she felt that this noble woman’s face seems familiar and it seems she have seen her somewhere before.

However, she can’t exactly remember where it was, she just felt … … her face is very familiar!

Mu Wan Rou stares at her creepily and secretly gritted her teeth. Is the capital really small? So why the person she didn’t want to see the most suddenly appear in front of her!

Ever since she found out that Mu Yazhe has asked for an investigation about her, she tried figuring out how can she completely erase this thorn in her eyes!

Mu Wan Rou pursed her lips, she walks slowly in front of Yun Shishi and constantly asks: “Who are you? What are you doing here? What is your occupation? Did you register at the front desk? Look at what you’re wearing, it looks so cheap! Do you think you are qualified to enter this six – star hotel?”

“I am … … I am an entertainment artist assistant … …”

“Which artist? What is the artist’s name?” Mu Wan Rou has no patience to listen to her, she wants to drive her away as soon as possible. She doesn’t want her to appear in front of her and Little Yi Chen!

“Mommy … …” Mu Yi Chen cried lightly.

Subconsciously Yun Shishi turns to look back at him, but suddenly she realized that she’s not the person this child’s calling “Mommy.”

Mu Wan Rou pushes Yun Shishi, she walked in front of Little Yi Chen, the indifference look in her face change from a tender face of a good mother. “What’s wrong my baby?”

Looking at this scene, Yun Shishi suddenly remembers this noble woman’s identity. Six years ago, she was that man’s fiancee who slapped her face in the villa!

Because she is infertile, the only choice they have is to look for a surrogate girl to continue their lineage.

She can still remember that scene.

She can still remember how this woman looked down on her as if she is looking at a beggar.

“I’m sleepy, I want to go home now.” Little Yi Chen briefly said, but his words are important as gold.

Mu Wan Rou smiles: “Well! I will ask Aunt Gui to take you back!”

Aunt Gui immediately stepped forward and hold Little Yi Chen’s hand to leave. The little guy suddenly turned and deeply looked at Yun Shishi, he tightly pursed his thin lips and then closely follow Aunt Gui.

Mu Wan Rou and Yun Shishi are the only people left in the corridor. Yun Shishi reluctantly looked at Little Yi Chen, but Mu Wan Rou suddenly stood in front of her and proudly looked at her.

“Miss Yun, we meet again!”

“… … Hello.” Yun Shishi slightly move back to maintain a distance from her, she felt her stares are too sharp and seems stabbing her.

“In the past few years, how is Miss Yun?” Mu Wan Rou coldly smile.

Yun Shishi felt unusual to her warm greeting.

“Do you remember me? I was the beloved little lady of Mu family when we met.” Mu Wan Rou said and she moves closer to her, “But it appears to be that Miss Yun has forgotten the content of the contract.”

Yun Shishi felt a cold chill in her words.

The last statement in the contract was Yun Shishi permanently lost the rights for custody of the child.

Yun Shishi’s face got pale and slowly said: “I haven’t forgotten each term in the contract. Don’t worry, I will not appear in front of my … I mean, your son ‘s life.”

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  1. This is a tragic,fluffy,comedic novel XD
    That Son of hers lol xD
    Ahh…I want Her to regain custody TT
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  2. Wa…you are so fast…where is the knight in shining armor when you need them…ba ha ha ha ha….Yuoyuo mommy needs you…..hopefully he will really become the lead actress just to kill Mu Wan Ruo’s smugness….
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  3. sooo tragic !
    Ik whonder when will the world be so kind to upload the whole story / book, instead of maiking us wait for each chapter and giving us heartattacks with those cliffhangers !!
    please update more !

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