One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 84: The beginning of Gu Xingze’s career

Entertainment industry never lacks a handsome male artist, but in such a big and complex world, if you don’t know how to fight and grab the opportunities, then sooner or later you will be eliminated.

However, Gu Xingze made a miracle for himself.

His first album debut made a big hit. And it’s not because of his handsome face, but because of his unique acting talent and magnetic voice.

Even now, his movies and music albums won ten platinum certifications and still recognized as “box-office hit of the century”. From being a teen idol he becomes a superstar. Why is that?

Because whether it is acting or singing, Gu Xingze always performs his talent in perfection.

Gu Xingze’s debut in the entertainment industry ten years ago become a legend. Even though at that time he was only a mere representative of a domestic entertainment agency. But now, he became their trump card.

In this big circle of Entertainment Industry his position is comparable to a king and for more than a decade no one can still shake his career.

His journey on becoming a superstar goes very smooth and easy for others. Many people felt jealous and treated his legend as a joke. However, in this entertainment circle, his ten years era will end, but that is still far from now…


How come he’s here?

When Yan Liangxiong saw him, he immediately stood up to greet him warmly and shake his hand.

Yan Liangxiong’s assistant who was standing on his side quickly stepped forward to assist him to sit down again and again but he didn’t listen.

“Mr. Yan, I’m really sorry! Ha ha ha … … now my schedule is at its peak, so I got late and made you wait.”

Yan Liangxiong is very strict when it comes to time and it is his well-known concept to people. He believed that those people who were always late had stereotypes personality, so no one is an exception.

But at this moment, Gu Xingze arrive late and block Yan Liangxiong phone call while he was still stuck on the road.

Yan Liangxiong asked Gu Xingze to meet in this hotel to discuss the heroine selection. After all, Gu Xingze is also one of the producers of the film. Gu Xingze who just finished his program and still felt tired, rush in their appointed time because he doesn’t want to neglect his position, but still got late.

“Mr. Yan, why do want to meet me here? What can I do for you?”

Gu Xingze got puzzled because all the related matter about the film has long been handled well. The script for the actors and actresses has also been finalized, the sponsors are complete. So why he anxiously want him to rush here?

“Ha ha ha! Xingze ah, sit down first so we can talk about it! I want to personally introduce this person to you!”

Yan Liangxiong on the side asks him to sit. Gu Xingze looks at the woman, she has an elegant posture, has a thick makeup on her face, but still has no captivating aura and she extremely looks normal for him.

Han Jingyi look into his eyes with full of admiration and longing!

Her dream is to become his heroine! Although her debut was last year and it can be considered a long time already, but this is still the first time she saw this king’s face!

The real person is even more handsome than any magazine’s photo!

Han Jingyi didn’t drink much, but she felt drunk when she saw Gu Xingze’s body!

Such a handsome man, how many women are exactly yearning for him?

When Gu Xingze sees her reaction, he couldn’t help but doubt and look at Yan Liangxiong’s eyes to wait for him to do his introduction.

But suddenly, his line of sight falls on the corner and saw Yun Shishi.

At this moment, Yun Shishi felt deeply drunk. She just stubbornly pursed her lips and tightly fidgetting her fingertips on the buckle of her dress because she doesn’t want to vomit in front of this handsome man.

She wanted to stand and leave but can’t clearly see the area, her eyes had turn misty, so she really can’t decide what to do.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 84: The beginning of Gu Xingze’s career

  1. Hopefully Gun Xingze will discover YSS for the lead role instead of Han Jngyi. He will help her in her drunkeness too. Thanks for the update. Eagerly await for the update of Good morning Mr. President. Have a blessed day and God Bless


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    ..し―J He seems to be the second male lead… Which always never pick so I just hope that he is the nice guy second male lead that helps the heroine


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