One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 85: The superstar’s poisonous tongue

She wanted to stand and leave but can’t clearly see the area because her eyes turn misty, so she really can’t decide what to do.

Tolerate, she needs to stubbornly tolerate her urge to vomit … …

At the moment, she just stared at Gu Xingze’s stunning eyes.

On the other hand, Gu Xingze got stunned and mesmerized with her actions. He doesn’t know why he felt like her actions seem came from a movie scene.

While other actresses and the actors just continued their personal dispute in the bar. They just keep buying wines and continue to bustle with music and talked out loud. But, Gu Xingze stubbornly looks at her.

At that moment, he could no longer restrain his thought.

Yin Xiachun!

This is amazing, this girl is fitted to be Yin Xiachun!

But Yan Liangxiong interrupted his trance.

“Xingze, let me introduce to you this girl. She’s the new entertainment artist, Han Jingyi!” Yan Liangxiong moves close to her and said a few words, “Xingze, what do you think? She looks so beautiful, right? She’s the most beautiful woman in this room. With her immeasurable beauty, she will soon be a star! So I would like to ask you to help with her promotion, I’m sure she will be very popular in the future!”

This meeting is about promoting her?

Gu Xingze’s eyebrows slightly frown, but his thin lip didn’t say anything. Han Jingyi’s got flushed and felt shy. She slowly reaches out to her hand to him, but Gu Xingze looks at her in disdain.

He doesn’t like recognizing people who act proud and arrogant. He never showed a fake face.

Why does he have this kind of temper? In this big circle of the entertainment industry, you can always see this kind of people.

Why is he saying that Han Jingyi is the most beautiful and will be the best in future? She is an unknown newcomer, right? She has an arrogant attitude, has no attractive aura, she looks like an empty puppet. So, what exactly is her talent and ability that made Yan Liangxiong promote her personally?

Could it be the unspoken rules of the higher ups?

Gu Xingze showed contempt in his eyes.

“Beautiful? Mr.Yan, do you have an eye problem?” Gu Xingze looks straight at him and continued his words. “In regards to her, she must be the most beautiful in your eyes, but she fails to attract mine. Overall, don’t think that she can be the heroine just because you’ve slept with her. Because that is not for you to decide alone, I am also one of the film producers.”

Yan Liangxiong got stunned and look a little embarrassed.

He wanted to hide under the table. He can’t deny in front of him the fact that he had played with this woman.

Gu Xingze has been in the entertainment circle for many years. He has a strong background and social status. So naturally, he couldn’t dare to offend him.

However, with such a humiliation, he lost his face!

When Han Jingyi heard his words, her body got stiff like a stone!

She didn’t expect that this handsome king will actually humiliate her in front of everyone. He didn’t give her a face!

Gu Xingze coldly smile and said to her: “You!, don’t think that if you open your legs and act like a rag doll you will get what you want. Are you really expecting to become popular and be a star with that kind of thinking? Your dreaming! Don’t think that entertainment industry is that simple.”

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  1. I’m glad Gu Xingze he had notice YSS, this will be the beginning or discovery of YSS career as an actress. Thanks for speedy update. Have a blessed day.


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