One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 88: To rescue

But, there is another person who felt more unhappy than him, Han Jingyi on the side said: “Hmmph! I really can’t compete with this cheap and shameless woman. I’m sure she is a reincarnation of a fox, born to seduce men … …”

“Humph!, Forget it. Han Jingyi, you better think about your position more after what you have done.” Yan Liangxiong sneered.

Just as what Gu Xingze had just said, he cannot help but feel irritated to this woman in front of him whenever he sees her thick vulgar powder in the face.

Yan Liangxiong despises Han Jingyi who is more like a wild flower in the roadside than to Yun Shishi who was snatch away.

“What do you mean?” Han Jingyi ignorantly asked.

“You are still a newcomer in the Universal Entertainment and yet you dared to go against with Gu Xingze?”

“So what?” By now, Han Jing Yi completely lost her interest to Gu Xingze.

Who would have known that the person she idolized has a very sarcastic personality?

“I see, you really are not smart enough! You really didn’t know? In Universal Entertainment Company Gu Xingze is not only an actor, but he also holds 20 percent of the shares. He is one of the company’s major shareholders, so even I cannot act rudely in front of him. Who do you think you are to dare hit the table in front of him? Don’t think about joining my circle again. Tomorrow, wait for your termination!”

What? Gu Xingze is one of the major shareholders of Universal Entertainment?

My God! Han Jingyi got shocked as her face turn green, she regretted what she had done.

“Yan Liangxiong, what should I do? I don’t want to return to my country ah!” Han Jingyi cries in demand.

“Don’t ask me. I cannot save you! Look at yourself, you only have a big chest but have no brain. You only cause me a trouble!” Yan Liangxiong said and walk away.


Just right outside the hotel, Gu Xingze suddenly turns around. Yun Shishi who was having a hard time to walk steadily bump in his chest.

“Ouch … …” Yun Shishi rubbed her forehead and felt dizzier.

Gu Xingze scratch a little his nose and blame Yun Shishi a little as he said: “This scatterbrained young lady, are you not going to thank me when I rescued you to leave that place?”

“What do you mean?” Yun Shishi felt at lost. Naturally, she doesn’t understand what he means.

“You went and mix into their circle when you don’t know what kind of person Yan Liangxiong is?” He leaned over and look at her eyes and said: “he likes your pure and simple beauty. So, if you didn’t follow me out, he will surely eat you alive!”

“… …”

“Scary, right?”

Gu Xingze sees her face a little pale, he cannot help but felt pity for this little lady who looks as pure as a rabbit. He somewhat wants to spoil her as he rubbed her head and said: “This circle is very materialistic and dangerous. If you stay in here, I fear that sooner or later you will be swallowed alive!”

Yun Shishi who was still shocked gratefully said: “Thank you very much. But for you to do this, I’m afraid today ‘s odds!”

If he didn’t rescue her, she really doesn’t know how she will face Yan Liangxiong who wants to eat her.

“Then, you can go home now.” Gu Xingze patted her shoulder.

“Tomorrow, where will I go to report?” Yun Shishi who was standing behind him asked with a smile.

“You… … really want to be my assistant?” Gu Xingze dumbfoundedly asked, “It’s very hard to be my assistant. You’re not only going to get busy for me, but you also need to do some public relations like coping with the paparazzi’s pursuit or more like the situation today. Do you think you can adapt and keep up?”

Yun Shishi suddenly got enlightened. So originally, being an artist assistant is not that easy.

“Then, would you like me to be your assistant …?”

“That’s for you to decide.”

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