One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 4: Cannot accept his integrity

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Chapter 4: Cannot accept his integrity

He lowered his head, ignoring her discomfort and fear. As his thin lips swept past in her collarbone, her trembling bursts .

His aggression made her more sensitive.

Yun Shi Shi’s breathing shortness up! She subconsciously probes, holding his big palm, trying to stop his invasion. The man seems to be aware of what she’s thinking, he easily put her hands tied high above his head!

She was scared!

She constantly doing unnecessary resistance, she was so afraid of him that made her whole body trembling more than before, but she could not refuse!

Yun Shi Shi’s shrinking shoulders that trying to escape, sends more unintentional  frictions, allowing the man’s body to get hotter.

The man gasped for breath, as he actually almost out of control.

This girl is really very attractive, he actually cannot stop.

Yun Shi Shi think that he is too close, her heart shocked, shoulders shudder and consciously pushed his hands, “don’t……”

The man did not hear her plea and ignore her little resistance. Subconsciously struggling up, as her small hands continue pushing the man’s chest, his wrist was suddenly tightly hooped.

Yun Shi Shi becomes aware of what will happen next and made her breathless, she doesn’t want to touch his body, she really wished that she could break free and hide from him.

His overbearing strength frighten her!

“Don’t … don’t … …”


Mu Yazhe for her continued resistance was extremely  dissatisfied, slowly lift his eyes, he pinches her jaw, eyes hanging down, through the dim moonlight, looking at her shy flawless little face, coldly ask: “What? you do not want to?”

Yun Shi Shi pursed her lips. The man narrowed his eyes, his fingertips cruelly twisting her lips. “Woman, do you know what you are here for?”

Her face suddenly stiffened, her body constantly shaking, she doesn’t know why she’s refusing , doesn’t know if it’s because of pain or fear.

After a long silence, her voice become husky, “I … … I know … …”

“Then, do you want me to teach you how to do it?

His voice sounds cold and stingy.

Yun Shi Shi kept biting her lips,her eyes almost want to burst into tears, her lips shows full of bitterness.

She knew that this was only a routine and there was no emotional connection between them. A situation that was based only on the contract and no other things. But this humiliation was unbearable.

Mu Yazhe’s cold lips didn’t intend to give her time to adapt, his hand grabs her hands over his head, almost cruelly tilt her mouth  .

“Open your mouth!”

Yun Shi Shi’s face expression become numb and closed her eyes in despair, her arms are put around his shoulder , as her little face got buried in his neck.

That moment, she knew she had step into the abyss of evil.

The man was satisfied with her surrender and fell into ecstasy

The feeling of breaking through the barrier is so clear.

Yun Shi Shi gritted her teeth, doesn’t allow her voice to escape , and keep grasping for breath!

Pain burst out from her body due to the tension, her body’s stiffness can be compared to a stone, she could no longer move, the unprecedented pain make her whole body felt like tearing apart!

At that moment, she felt dizzy from pain and think

His integrity, she simply cannot accept  it.


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