One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 13: Has been so cold

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Chapter 13: Has been so cold

He tried looking a bit more until he could no longer see their shadows. After that, he tried to hide the fleeting loneliness emotions in his eyes and just looks at the laptop on top of his legs. He puts his attention to his unfinished homework, but still, for some unknown reasons he felt depressed so he just turned it off.

A middle-aged man dressed in a suit respectfully open the car door while holding the newly bought dessert.

“Young master, do you want a dessert?”

The butler carefully opened the wrapper for him and handed over the cake with a fork.

The little boy took the cake. However, while looking at the delicious dessert he suddenly lost his appetite so he shakes his head.

“I don’t want to eat.” He pushed the dessert aside and coldly said, “Let’s go now and drive the car.”

The butler stared at him and took the cake to throw it into the nearest garbage can.

After that, the car slowly drove away.


At night, in Mu President’s Office.

The decoration inside the office is very elegant, stylish and full of luxury.

A man was standing near the glass window, he has a toned body, straight back and has 1.89-meters in height. This appearance of him was giving off an overwhelming cold atmosphere.

He was staring blankly at the bustling night of the city, his knitted brows made him looks like in a deep thought.

Mu Wan Rou slowly opened the door in the president’s office, she saw a figure of a man standing quietly in front, her lips couldn’t help but curve and give a soft smile.

This man holds a supreme power,  he is the sole inheritor of the Mu’s multi-industry company, the CEO of the Mu’s Empire. He was admired by many and this Grand Master Mu Yazhe is no other than her fiance.

Although they are not yet married, but she was already his official fiancee. Surely their future wedding will be grand and will be the most sensational event of the century.

However, such an influential man is undoubtedly the target of nobility’s daughter. And the thought of today’s headlines about Mu Yazhe’s ambiguous sex scandal made her heart crazy with jealousy!

In the eyes of the many, she is Mu Yazhe’s future wife, but who would have know that she and Mu Yazhe are decided to be a husband and wife since birth and not really a madly in love couple.

This man was extremely cold to her.

And that makes her very embarrassed.

Mu Wan Rou gently put her bag on the sofa, she softly walked towards him and put her arms gently in his body. Her face slowly leans to his wide and powerful back.

“Zhe … …”

Mu Yazhe’s eyes return to focus, he quietly looks at her with his cold eyes and delicate facial features that look like a god. His straight forehead, angular jaw and the deep charming pair of eyes of him are breathtaking.

He is truly a handsome and mature man. His handsomeness is not just for appearance sake. Although his cold face looks very young, but it totally gives off a natural arrogance look of a king.

His gestures and imposing appearance also look like an ancient emperor that can dominate everything.

In just one glance this man’s cold-blooded nature and blodness could be seen.

“Grandpa told me to ask you if you will go back home tomorrow night?

Mu Yazhe replied with indifference voice. “I won’t.”

Mu Wan Rou saw him listless, her eyes glanced at his desk, there was still a mountain pile of case, so she whispered: “Zhe, am I not bothering you?”

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15 thoughts on “Chapter 13: Has been so cold

  1. It’s been six years already and you’re still just a fiancee….that should tell you something! And is no one going to go home back to the child!? Thanks for translating!


  2. Six years a fiancee and still not married! I thought they wanted the child because they were getting married. Very strange timing. Why wait to marry if it is inevitable?


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