One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 15: In the end, is not her own

Hi everyone, this will be the last chapter for today. I always read all the comments and I’m having fun to see that some readers get curious. I found some spoiler comments too. I would like to request to stop doing so to not kill the excitement of future chapters. I don’t stop anyone to read ahead but forgive me if I will remove the spoiler comments here. I hope you will understand. Thanks for reading ^.^

Chapter 15: In the end, is not her own

She had suspected more than once that if only his grandfather did not set and expecting this marriage, surely this man will not look at her even once, right?

If he loves her, how could he not let her kiss him, and did not tell her even once, “I love you.”

But she loved him, in a very humble attitude, to endure, to compromise, to forgive. Even his Grandfather Mu loved her. He has just so much dignity, arrogance, just like a crown prince, always high and mighty.

So she comforted herself more than once, she is Mu Yazhe’s fiancee, her future is to marry into the Mu family. In a few more days is their wedding, so she should not worry some other things. But she is always greedy, not only to his people but also to his heart!

Mu Wan Rou smile,”You really are … … Do you really want to be with me?”

Mu Yazhe seemed a bit absent-minded, his eyes actually flashed when looking at her flawless face. Mu Wan Rou see his trance, could not help but clenched tighter in his collar.

“Zhe, have you ever really love me? Answer me ah!”

Mu Yazhe pushed her back to the table, the sound of his voice was neither nice nor cold: “Wan Rou, don’t be stubborn.”

Was she being unreasonable?

Ten years ago, In the capital, the Mu family was the most influential. Grandfather Mu brought Mu Wan Rou to the Mu family, he introduced her to Mu Yazhe and set their marriage. Since then she fell inlove with him, but he, still does not love her.

This marriage is not essential for him, he was born wealthy. He is just following his grandpa’s will.

With his temper, a woman is unnecessary, marriage is nothing more than gaining his grandfather’s continuous favor, a disguised form of contract. His marriage with Mu Wan Rou is no exception, just a bargaining chip . The Mu family are big, there are many people who want to covet his position. He is just using this marriage to expand the Mu’s empire’s dominance territory.

Love? For him, this word is too extravagant.

What is love? Those upper-class ladies who ingratiate oneself to his fame and flatter him? Or the arrogant Mu Wan Rou? Or those famous model artist?

In this materialistic age, money and desire are intertwined, who talk about feelings?

In addition to his mother, he never loved anyone else. Affection or love are out of his reach. His indifference, his coldness, his world is closed.

In business, he waved over and over again, and privately he may talk with interest, but will not let anyone enter his heart.

Talk about feelings?


Suddenly the phone on the table rang, Mu Wan Rou connected him, he heard the voice of the secretary: “President, the young master is here.”

Outside the door came a burst of footsteps, the office door was pushed open.

“Daddy!” The little guy see Mu Yazhe is not busy so he came in, then he realized that Mu Wan Rou was also inside, his face suddenly shows a touch of unnatural happiness and faintly cry,”Mommy!”

Mu Wan Rou has sensed it and her heart felt somewhat uncomfortable. She doesn’t know why, although she is his mother, but she and this little guy are not close. In fact, he is not her own child, they are not blood-related. Their relationship is not the same with the other mother and son.

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31 thoughts on “Chapter 15: In the end, is not her own

  1. Oh no!!! I didn’t comment a spoiler D: I haven’t read the raws, that’s just my guess from the clues so far. I’d say the author is good with his/her foreshadowing… I was ranting at the fiance if my hunch is true. Sorry for the misunderstanding Dx


    1. hahaha… no worries… yup the author is great to make this novel very interesting( maybe for me) though surrogacy is not a popular plot. the author made me irritated, sad, happy etc. with this story. thanks for reading ^.^


  2. Thank you. In fact, I want the fake fiancee to be changed to someone else instead. The male MC is like that because of his upbringing, in his way he has been controlled by his grandfather. He is a cold man is another way of protecting himself just like he said that he don’t love anyone except his mother n what is love as he put it? He may come from a wealthy family but is he really a happy child just like his own son??

    I can’t wait for him to meet up with his son’s biological mother n twin brother especially You You commented in the synopsis if I am not wrong…” she is this child’s woman” You You is so cute and protective towards his mother.


    1. i agree, his character is common to those born rich guys. I love and hate his character. hohoho…. even MWR i hate her so much… that i dont want to read her chapter part but she was pretty well portrayed as a villain char.

      I felt like this was written to be dramatized, though. thanks for reading ^.^


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