One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 16: Rarely spoiled

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Chapter 16: Rarely spoiled

The little guy is also very sensitive, in addition to Mu Yazhe, who seemed to alienate everything. Whenever he is with his father every weekday, he simply looks like a mold straightly carved out from him, always has a cold and stern little face, always has a serious look like a small adult, very mature.

At the age of three or four, he is like a little devil, mischievous love to hoax, often teases the house maids, full of dandyism small ancestors. And during this age, Mu Yazhe accompanied him more.

However, this past two years the Mu’s consortium heavy up things for Mu Yazhe and made him busy. He usually has no father beside him, the little guy gradually becomes like a silent widowed, not too talkative.

Sometimes, when Mu Wan Rou is looking at his little face, she could not help but think of the young Mu Yazhe, always look cold and not closed to anyone.

However, this child only shows his childish unique nature in front of Mu Yazhe, rarely acts spoiled. Occasionally he will do a few bad things trying to catch his father’s attention. Mu Yazhe also spoils and condone him, so in front of him, Mu Yi Chen has always been lawless.

Mu Wan Rou recovered herself, smiled at him, beckoned: “Yi Chen, come here!”

Little Yi Chen looked at her, taking a few steps away, but suddenly stopped, his little face clearly becomes reluctant to see his father.

Mu Yazhe turned and saw him, he lessens a little his cold emotions to his face, sat down on the sofa and his big palm gently patted on his slender legs. Little Yi Chen saw it and went close to his side immediately. Mu Yazhe’s lips hook a smile, as his son sat on his legs.

Little Yi Chen has his outline facial features, but the facial features, look handsomely soft, not like his cold features.

Like … … six years ago, looks like that timid girl.

His eyebrows slightly twist, after that moment with her, how many nights has it been since his mind always inexplicable remember that elegant face and body, sometimes from time to time he felt shy, sometimes anxious, and sometimes his face sink .

That girl is truly a stunner!

He didn’t even have time to taste her again, the girl just disappeared from his world.

Six years ago, after premature delivery, Little Yi Chen was born very weak and he learned that his other child died, even his heart felt somewhat regret.

He had always thought that his heart has long been stiff as ice stone, but because Grandfather Mu loved children, he looks for a young girl to surrogate and was able to meet his grandfather long-cherished wish.

But he did not expect to keep only the child.

He has always felt sorry and guilty for her. Therefore, for small Yi Chen, he is extremely indulgent, always in his favor. Little Yi Chen is also growing healthy, but not close to Mu Wan Rou.

Simply because Mu Wan Rou only spoiled Little Yi Chen and treated him like her own child every weekday whenever he is at around. However, when alone with Mu Yi Chen, she’s looking to the child’s eyes, with concealed jealousy and vicious!

She hated the fact that she could not have children, this child, in the end, is not her own! Can she blame her heart?

Little Yi Chen alienated her since early childhood.

“Daddy, I want to play the remote racing car!”

“Remote racing car?” Mu Yazhe frowned, “Aren’t you tired of playing it before? But now your thinking of playing it again?”

“I just want to play it!” Little Yi Chen pout.

Mu Yazhe’s eyes showed a rare trace of tenderness from his plea”Well, Daddy will buy one for you.”

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  1. Thank you!!!! Hey just remember something…. This Mu wan rou is not the girl that snatch mc necklace right?! If she that is truly Daebak!!!


    1. She really is the one that snatched the Jade? That means… Yun Yun is actually meant to be his wife instead of Mu Wan Rou?


      1. That’s indeed enough to remove the bad impression from the previous chapters… He’s cool. Now, to how he treats the wif – ahem, the “surrogate” mother… XD


  2. Okay… he doesn’t fail as a father. I will remove 2 pins from my voodoo doll!!!!

    Fiance is a bitch to the child!!!! *makes a voodoo doll* *stabs pins into her head* *adds two pins from the papa*

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  3. I love these sorts of stories: the angst, the drama, the luuuuuuurrrvvveeeee….. 😀 thanks for translating ^_^


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