One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 55: The clever genius behind the call

This child is……clever!

Mu Yazhe got dumbfounded.

This child is actually very clever!

“Well, I’ll increase her salary.” Mu Yazhe tried coaxing the child.

He tried coaxing him like how he coax Little Yi Chen, so that he could easily convince the little guy to hang up the phone call. But before that, Youyou didn’t forget to pay respect to him and seriously said : “Thank you, Uncle! Please take care of mommy!”

The phone call ended, Mu Yazhe stared at the phone in his hands, suddenly his eyes darken.


Yun Shishi didn’t return for one night, so Youyou wasn’t able to sleep well that night.

In the morning, when he wasn’t able to see even her shadow, he got so worried. He lied to his teacher that he is feeling unwell and that he wants to take a sick leave, his teacher easily agreed.

In the kindergarten, he is almost considered a genius kid. But Youyou’s character is very different when he is in front of Yun Shishi.

Even the teachers are very surprised. What even more amazing is that he’s not only talented but also very mature and responsible.

Although in front of Yun Shishi he acts like a  five or six-year-old child. He is different in front of the kindergarten teachers and students, he has no intentions to hide his real talent from them.

Other children are still struggling to count numbers, but him, he can compete with the high school top students, he can quickly calculate and figure out a very difficult mathematical problem.

Although it sounds unbelievable – but it’s incredibly true.

In fact, although he is less than seven years old, he is already the youngest International member of Men Sa.

This international organization consists of all the devil genius around the world. And the only needed criteria in this organization is to have a high IQ.

The more shocking secret of this Organization is that Youyou has the highest IQ among them. No one is above him.

But he never showed this side of him to Yun Shishi because his mommy like his warm and lovely side.

If he can, he always wants to be his Mommy’s small warm man.

Youyou hang up the call, but he frowned his eyebrows, apparently he felt that this is not just a simple matter.

That Uncle’s identity is very suspicious ah … …


The call has ended, Mu Yazhe stared at the outdated phone, then he pulled out the phone card and throw it into the trash can.

He turned around, open the door, and walks away.


At the Mu Mansion.

When Mu Yazhe did not return that night, their night light was still brightly lit.

For a whole night, Mu Wan Rou waited for Mu Yazhe to get home, however, she wasn’t able to see even his shadow .

In the morning, Mu Wan Rou is sitting on the dining table. The atmosphere is heavy, she really wants to hit something. All the servants behind her are trembling in fear.

Mu Yazhe’s concept of time is fixed. Even if he has a big business case he will try to deal with it fast and then he will still go home.

Why? Because…

Every night he will accompany Little Yi Chen to have dinner, to study, to help with his homework. This has been an accustomed. Last night was the first time he missed it.

For a whole night, Little Yichen was sulking, he didn’t have dinner and didn’t do his homework. He has been accustomed to Mu Yazhe’s accompany, and now he is not in a good mood.

This morning, he went to school with depressed mood.

And Mu Yazhe even if they are not real husband and wife, at least he goes back on time to go home, just to be with Little Yi Chen.

Last night, what could more important than to accompany Little Yi Chen?

Mu Wan Rou’s heart distorted, the milk cup in her hands got slipped and fell to the ground.

The glass shattered and scratches the face of a servant.

“Madame, don’t be angry … Master… he must have something important … …”

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 55: The clever genius behind the call

  1. it’s so cool knowing that the one who is with YSS is the little MZ while the kid with MZ is the little YSS….awesome kids…hope MZ find out soon who’s who…


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