One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 56: Panic and Confusion

“Madame, don’t be angry … Master… he must have something important … …”

“Haha! Important? What could be more important that he actually didn’t return home last night?” Mu Wan Rou made a sarcastic laugh, her veins got visible in her face.

She’s upset, she’s very upset, as if like something she cherished the most was taken away from her.

Mu Wan Rou bites her lips, an unprecedented uneasiness surrounded her.


Alcohol is a nasty thing, not to mention for those people that are allergic to it.

When Yun Shishi woke up, it’s already two o’clock in the afternoon.

She opens her hazy eyes and saw a luxury suite and decoration. She doesn’t know why she would be in this kind of place, her mind is at loss.

When the night proceeded, her sanity is already in a confused state, she could not remember what happened after had drunk the whiskey.

This is one of the side effects of the drug. Some of your memory will be unclear, so she could only vaguely remember that she drink that glass of wine, got drunk and became unconscious.

After that, what exactly she has forgotten?

Last night her body was in so much pain and felt very hot, and now she doesn’t understand what happened.

Why is she now lying here naked?

When she tried remembering, she got scared and gripped at the blanket!

It seems last night, there was a war in bed, that almost made her whole body ached.

However, she was still unresolved, subconsciously she wanted to get up, but when she move her legs, she felt that the part between her legs is sore.

She immediately felt a burst of pain in her lower body.

Yun Shishi’s heart trembled, this feeling is not unfamiliar to her.

This is clearly what she experienced … … after that night, six years ago.

Her eyes widen, she suddenly raised the blanket. Yun Shishi got shocked when she saw her body was full of a purple mark.

Those kiss marks and pinch marks look like she was bitten by a poisonous insect, it looks so horrible!

At that moment, her heart suddenly jumps, as if she got struck by lightning and she was reminded of those terrible scenes from before.

Her face is like a mirror that got cracked and in the verge of smashing!

Apparently, she came to understand, what has happened in her body!

Although these six years, she never had a man … …

But … … she is no longer that ignorant 18-year-old  girl at that time, she already experienced these things, the soreness between her thighs tells her what really happened last night.

Yun Shishi tried to recall back yesterday’s scenes. At that moment they forcefully poured the wine to her, and after that… …How could she not remember?

She only remembers that the boss was called “Brother Qiang”.

Is it him!? … … Oh, my God!

What kind of trouble is this?

Yun Na owes her already a money for her previous debt. Is it because she is only a step-sister, so she’s torturing her like this?

A burst of despair filled in Yun Shishi’s heart, she bites her lips and her shoulders couldn’t stop to tremble.

Just when she was in a half stunned state, a respectful and familiar voice came in her ears.

“Miss Yun, you’re awake now?”

Yun Shishi got shocked, and turn around.

She sees a straight figure sitting on the sofa, wearing a neat business attire, hair was tied up, it seems to be a woman.

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 56: Panic and Confusion

  1. Mu Yazhe and Wan Rou they are married by name only. He doesn’t love her, only one sided love from Wan Rou. What a mesirable marriage. What will happen now that Mu Yazhe and YSS are together again and what a night they have. Is he going to pursue her or help her find a job. Thanks for the update.


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