One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 57: The Secretary

She sees a straight figure sitting on the sofa, wearing a neat business attire, hair was tied up, it seems to be a woman.

She was so shocked, she actually didn’t sense that there was another person inside the room.

Yun Shishi squinted her eyes, she wanted to see what she looks like, but the place she was sitting was dim.

And her voice gave a familiar impression, but somehow she cannot remember and heart started beating fast.

“You are……?”

The woman saw her already awake, slowly stood up and went near the window, she pulled open the rest of the curtains.

The room became bright, the woman who behave politely turned in front of her, Yun Shishi was finally able to look at her clearly.

She looks very familiar, she must have seen this woman before, but she can’t remember … …

Secretary Li Lan saw that she is still in the state of shock, but she doesn’t care about such trivial things. From the table, she took a warm water and a small pill, then she respectfully handed them to her: “Miss Yun, please take this medicine.”

Because of what she had experienced last night, Yun Shishi just stared at her hands for a long time and she didn’t reach out to get them.

Secretary Li Lan sees that she seems worried, and slightly smiled: “Rest assured Miss Yun! This is an emergency contraception pill. Surely Miss Yun does not want a certain aspect of a problem, please take the medication.”

Yun Shishi hurriedly took the medicine and the warm water.

The medicine moves fast down to her throat and abdomen, her tension made her lips trembling.

Secretary Li Lan took out her new clothes, she also prepared different sets of new underwear.

All different sizes are available too.

Yun Shishi’s face become red and hot, she uncomfortably grabs some underwear while staring at the woman. Then Secretary Li Lan understood what she’s thinking and went out of the room. Yun Shishi began to wear them.

When Yun Shishi open up the door, she sees her standing outside. Secretary Li Lan sees Yun Shishi has dressed already, she calmly turned to face her:”Miss Yun, are you ready yet?”

At that moment, the elegant smile of that woman opened up her long forgotten memory –

This woman clearly is … …

Yun Shishi suddenly reacts, she pointed her stiff fingertips to her and her eyes got wide open in  disbelief!

“You are……”

This woman just asks her to take a contraception pill, right?

What an irony ah! Six years ago, because of the contract, this woman carefully took care and protected her.

Then after six years they meet again, but now she’s not allowed to get pregnant and fed her contraception pills.

Secretary Li Lan did not respond to her reaction, but smiled and said: “The President wants to see you.”

“I don’t want to see him!” Yun Shishi immediately refused! “I cannot meet him, I don’t want to see him”

This Secretary doesn’t remember Yun Shishi, but on the contrary, Yun Shishi remembered her very well now.

Although she didn’t recognize her at once, but now she remembered that she is her employer’s secretary who had accompanied her for eight months during her pregnancy!

Right now, her mind has too many doubts and is uneasy. She doesn’t understand… Why did she appear now when she is in such a chaotic time?

What happened last night? Is it with that man?

How can it be? That is impossible……

But then, if it’s not because of that matter, then why?

You You!

Does … … that man know the existence of Yun Tian You now, so … … he sent her to take You You back?

Or did he considered that all these years I secretly hide Youyou!?

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TLN: Nyahahaha…. misunderstanding after misunderstanding… Oh well, the president want to see her? *fufufu* I tried posting 3 chaps guys coz I’ll be absent tomorrow. hehehe ^.^ so see you guys on Monday.

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      1. U.U
        I can’t swim in deep place yet… sigh… when you are talking about swimming…
        i remember when i was a kid. i swam in deep place and started to drown… i pulled somebody pants until he is so shock and just “. . . . . . “, turning back and seemed wanting to forget it… gaga


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  1. Thanks for the chapter.
    I guess sooner things will take quite a while to resolve.
    On a side note, I’m curious as to how much time has passed on the currently latest raw chapter. Will Youyou and his twin become adults? No spoilers please, I’m just curious.


  2. YSS recognized the secretary who was by her side when she was pregnant six years ago, and now she is there to give her the morning after pill and also the president wanted to see her, she can guess that the President is the guy she slept with that night. She is scared to face him. Yazhe might offer her a job or contract to be his mistress on the side. Thanks for the update. Have a happy weekend and be safe.


    1. Heh.. becoming side mistress? not that easy.. we are talking abt 1k plus chapters here.. its going to be full of circles and curved b4 they actually become one family. Lots of… ahem .. distractions.


      1. I’m just guessing, I can’t read nor write Chinese. Eagerly awaits for the next chapter on Monday. Have blessed day and enjoy your family outing…


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