One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 58: First time meeting her “Employer”

You You … … God! I cannot let them take him!

Yun Shishi suddenly react, this afternoon, when she woke up she didn’t see Youyou. Is he worried about her?

Subconsciously she touches her pocket but forgot that she is not wearing her old clothes and just realized that her mobile phone was missing.

Yun Shishi turned around, she wanted to go back to the room and look for her mobile phone to call Youyou, but she was stopped by the Secretary.

“Miss Yun, are you … …”

“I want to get my phone … …” Yun Shishi didn’t dare to mention anything about Youyou and that she’s so worried about him.

Secretary Li Lan smiled and took out a brand new mobile phone from the briefcase she’s holding, and handed it over to her:”This is your new phone, your phone card is also inside.”

This phone is the latest model of Apple, the screen is very large, with 4G network, it has fingerprint unlock mode, and it cost thousands of cash for one item.

Yun Shishi has always been aware of hundreds of function of machines, so she can identify the value of some mobile phones, and she’s never willing to buy any of them.

” … … For me?” She’s hesitating to take it. She can’t understand why would she give her a mobile phone?

“Yes, your phone is broken. The President wants you to have this. Please accept it!”

In Secretary Li Lan’s mind: How bad is her mobile phone? That President Mu readily have to throw it away.

Yun Shishi’s heart become uneasy, she felt that the mobile phone in her hands is cold.

Her heart faintly guessed. The man with her last night… Could it be really her employer?

After all, she is that man’s secretary, surely she will not appear in front of her, fed her medication, and deal with this kind of things, right?

For that man, she doesn’t have the slightest impression.

That night six years ago, her eyes were blindfolded for a whole night she wasn’t able to see his appearance.

She could only vaguely remember a tall figure through the hazy moonlight at that night.

He’s tall and it seems he has a handsome figure.

But that night is her unforgotten nightmare.

Six years of nightmare, she forced herself to forget it, if it is not because of Yun Tian You, She’s afraid that she wouldn’t be able to let it go.

Although she kept telling herself that everything was over and because of that man she has Youyou now, but … … because of the shame in her heart at work, she cannot let it go.

So in six years, even if she has suitors, she kept a distance to all of those men.

She doesn’t need a man! She has Youyou and she’s already satisfied with that, Youyou is her strength in her life!

Therefore, no matter what, she must protect Youyou! If that man will take Youyou away from her, she wouldn’t allow that to happen!

However, when the secretary mentioned the word “President” from her mouth. She felt like it was a dream, and it seems like her whole body got struck by lightning.

Although she is very reluctant, she still goes with her.


They went close to a very expensive car. Secretary Li Lan has open the door and respectfully made a gesture for her to enter.

“Miss Yun, please get inside!”

At the back seat, a man was lazily sitting, but still has a distinguished and elegant posture. He didn’t even look at her. He has a handsome face and cold gaze. He seems like a cold and reserved Emperor.

However, Yun Shishi still can’t recognize him.

 Is he … … That year’s millionaire employer?

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TLN: Nyahahaha…. YSS is really a chicken, right?

No spoilers, please!

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 58: First time meeting her “Employer”

      1. I totally agree with you regarding YSS is a chicken. She would even dare to stand up to her foster mom n sister let alone MYZ. If saying by keeping peace within the household that is an excuse. How can she said that she is keeping peace between her foster father n his family, her foster sister is selling her for prostitution n used her for being unlimited cash flow. If she said that she owe her foster father for adopting her…isn’t her selling her virginity for $5 million enough to pay of debts??!!!… Where’s the moral here??? She kept being a giver yet receives nothing in return except constant harrassment n bullying from those two cows.

        Anyway, enough of my ranting. Thanking you for introducing this novel. I hope you have a wonderful week. 😀


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