One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 59: How could he?

Is he … … That year’s millionaire employer?

He’s amazingly young and handsome.

“Miss Yun, please get inside.”

“Miss Yun, please get inside the car.”

“Miss Yun? Miss Yun!”

Secretary Li Lan repeatedly invited her to get inside, but she sees Yun Shishi just staring blankly and standing, she’s not showing any signs of intention to move.

She got puzzled and reach out her hands on her shoulder, but when she touch her, she noticed that her whole body is trembling, even her lips are trembling badly too. Secretary Li Lan’s eyes widen, she couldn’t help but be surprised.

Is she scared? Is she scared to see the president?

but why……?

If it’s another ordinary woman, meeting the president will make them jump up with joy.

But she can see that Yun Shishi is actually trembling.

“Miss Yun?”

She carefully pushed her shoulder and slightly push her into the car.

Yun Shishi really want to hide, she really wanted to turn around and ran far away from this Evil-like man, but her legs are stiff.

She became more helpless when Secretary Li Lan’s action did not allow her to leave and forced her to enter the car.

She bites her lips, clenched her fists tightly, and got into the car.


The sound of the door got closed!

She got locked up in his world.

The atmosphere was heavy as if she got isolated from the underworld! At that moment, she felt like she is inside of an icehouse, she felt cold from head to toe, she felt like she will have diarrhea. She felt helpless and scared!

She … … she was scared! She’s scared that this man will dig out her ribs and take away her beloved You You!

Yun Shishi is trembling due to nervousness, she kept her head down and didn’t dare look at him, and her thoughts are in chaos!

When she first glance at this man, she immediately felt dizzy, she felt that God might be teasing her and wants to have fun. Her heart felt a burst cold and she cannot suppress it.

How ?… … Why is he!? … …But that night she was with those arrogant rich youth!

Yesterday evening, the man is him? … … I can’t be wrong!

Although, she can’t exactly remember what happened, but somehow she can distinguish the fragrance of the man who’s with her.

“The president wants to see you.”

She also recalls Secretary Li Lan’s respectful words, Yun Shishi felt a terrible coldness in her heart, why did he want to see her?

Or that, as she really made guess, this man already know the existence of Yun Tian You and wanted to get him!?

Those thoughts are possible, Yun Shishi felt her heart suddenly plunged into the abyss of despair!

The car has long been moving in silence.

She can only hear a “rustling” sound of pen’s friction on the paper.

The cold and the silent atmosphere are suffocating!

Yun Shishi sweats are dripping, her palms have cold sweat too.

She tried to open her mouth to break the strange silence, but she got annoyed when she found out that she had such an intimate moment with him again, when she didn’t even know this man’s first name or even his surname, she doesn’t know him!

Yun Shishi closed her eyes, she tried hard to open her lips, and speak with extreme obscure sound: “President … … Sir… …President, you … …”

Her voice has not yet settled, when she got pulled by him. She hasn’t understood what happened yet, but now she was sitting on his lap. She was so close to him and they are already in an extremely ambiguous posture.

Yun Shishi got shocked and stunned, she tried lifting her eyes, but she got startled when she looked into his deep quiet eyes.

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16 thoughts on “Chapter 59: How could he?

  1. YSS was caught off guard,fulling her in his lap. The president is smooth operator. He us trying to collect what he had paid for her . YSS doesn’t have any idea or have known that he paid the other guy to save her. I hope she will explains to him what had happened. The president assumes she is a wild lady. I’m excited to know what will happen next. Eagerly awaits for the the next update. Thank you very much, your hard work is very much appreciated. Have a blessed day.


  2. Thank you….I feel really bad for her. But as a mother, isn’t she curious of her other son? So many misunderstanding…can’t wait for the next chapter.


  3. I binge eaten it in a day!
    When I started I didn’t think it would be this good.
    I wonder if he will try to make her work as his mistress so there won’t be any men doing it with her,…….. but before that I hope that he perceives that she is scared and there’s something wrong with her when she is touched by him, and also that the secretary lied to him (since he said there was nothing, but there’s actually a child – wait, the date should be the same or almost the same as the other twin!)

    Thanks for all your hard work!


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