One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 60: Devotion

Yun Shishi got shocked and stunned, she tried lifting her eyes, but she got startled when she looked into his deep quiet eyes.

Mu Yazhe smiled, he reaches his hand to hold her chin and force her to look into his deep eyes.

His charming and slender finger stroked harder her slightly pale lips.

Until she sighs from pain. He once again smiles his thin lips with a sexy curve.

He is wearing a straight black shirt and slender trousers. His shirts buttons are slightly loosened and faintly revealing the very beauty of his skin texture.

His tall and straight figure made the spacious car look a bit narrow.

His noble bearing suppressed the atmosphere inside the car.

Yin Shishi tried to dodge the look in his eyes but suddenly felt some difficulty in breathing.

Six years ago … … This was, her employer?

Previously she has blindfold in her eyes, so she only has a slight impression on that man. But now that she sees him, she thought that he is young and has a strikingly handsome face!

However, his evil eyes and deep smiles made her even more uneasy!

Mu Yazhe looked at her face with great interest because of her various emotions such as anxiety, fear, surprise … …

She seems to be shy, but more like scared! But such reactions, made him think that she look so cute!

This kind of affection looks lovely and sometimes let a man cannot help but want to treasure her.

And sometimes, a man cannot help but want to ravaged, violate, and conquer her to enjoy her grievance and charming expressions.

Yun Shishi’s heart gets tight when the look in his eyes gets deeper.

Mu Yazhe saw her eyelashes are trembling and her eyes look in panic. She looks really pitiful, but these expressions of her, really hook a person’s heart!

Mu Yazhe keeps looking at her and remembers last night’s event. While thinking about of this woman’s body and her shy expression now, his lower body began to sense some heat.

His body couldn’t suppress the desire for her … … even inside this car, he wants to do her!

While thinking about it, he made a move, he moves his hand at the back of her neck.

He pressed her against him and kisses her soft lips, he felt her warm breath and forcefully inserted his tongue between her lips and teeth.

This violent kiss of him frightened her!

Yun Shishi freaked out, her small hands hurriedly push him, but instead she got conquered by his desire.

Their kiss becomes deeper and fierce, he just stops when she’s almost unable to breathe.

However, Mu Yazhe doesn’t want to stop completely and violated her swelling lips once again. He  just tried to sooth them by licking her lips.

Yun Shishi got stunned by his kiss, she’s so ignorant and just stared blankly for a long while before they stop again, her cheeks are burning hot.

Her reaction is really clumsy and she doesn’t even know how to respond.

He believes that these reactions of her are not fake, after all, he had seen too many false pretenses, even if their acting is perfect.

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