One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 62: Two hundred million

Yun Shishi’s eyes darken, and coldly said:”Sir, it seems you made a mistake, right?”

She added:”Sir, what do you think I am? A prostitute who has a price tag? Well, I’m sorry!, But I’m not! I don’t care about your money!”

Then, she struggled hard, trying to break free from his hands.

But her resistance has another meaning to Mu Yazhe’s mind.

This woman, does she know how to provoke a man’s desire?

She said she was not short of money, but then, what was that last night!?

That man bought her for two hundred thousand and he offered ten times more, right?

“If the price tag I offered is not enough, you can tell me. Whatever you want, I will give them to you one by one! But don’t try to pull a clumsy lie!” Mu Yazhe coldly said.

“Then if I ask you to give me your Villa, don’t you think it’s strange?” Yun Shishi hold back her tears from grievance and sneered, “You misunderstood, I don’t really do those stuff!”

“Then what was it last night? If you were really a clean woman, why will you lay with someone in bed?”

Mu Yazhe suddenly showed an evil-smiled. “That man bought you for two hundred thousand for one night, and I offered two million, isn’t it a great gift to you!?”

The thought of last night, if were not for him, then she and that psycho man will be doing that scenes, right?

Clearly, this woman is doing that for money, but why in front of him she’s faking it?


When Yun Shishi heard this, she got stiff like a stone!

Last night … … she really cannot remember exactly what happened, she only remembers a handsome man’s figure, then when she woke up her whole body was aching!

But in any case, this is an accident! But still, she fails to convince this man and he keeps torturing her with words! What is he, did he master it?

Is it because of this accident, that this man gave her no pardon and sentenced her a death penalty? Does he think that she is a greedy woman?

Or … … in his eyes, she is such a lowly woman?

“Then what? Do you want me to be grateful to you?”

Yun Shishi thinks of something and suddenly smile, “So, Mr. President really wants to buy me ah!”

Mu Yazhe hugged her neck, and whispered in her ear: “You don’t want too?”

“Why do you want to buy me?” Yun Shishi pretending to smile calmly, “Mr. President, you seems to be unattainable, arrogant like an emperor, handsome and elegant, surely you never lack a woman, right?”

Mu Yazhe smile on his face instantly frozen.

His lips tightly pursed and there was a trace of tension in his eyes.

In the capital, his monstrous influence indeed made those beautiful women come flying on him . If he wants to pick a woman, it wouldn’t be difficult.

But his body is picky and only response to this woman.

Whenever he is near her, he has a big desire to possess her, her body is like a fire that burning his sanity.

Other women can’t wake up this desire.

Yun Shishi sees him in deep silence and coldly laughed. “Mr. President, I am very expensive, do you still want to buy me?”

Mu Yazhe deeply laugh:”How much?”

“Two hundred million.” A large price escapes from her mouth.

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TLN: Ohhhhhhh Shishi! though MYZ misunderstood you and his way of doing things are wrong… but… he’s trying to keep his promise to Youyou, not to let you work a night shift *fufufu* And maybe he doesn’t know, the moment he kisses you that night six years ago he’s already in love. He’s a genius in business but not in love >.<

No spoilers, please!

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 62: Two hundred million

  1. Let him beg, suffer and to understand that you are not the kind of girl. MY is now curious about YSS. I hope with his curiousity he will read her personal file and discover about her other son. Find out what really happened before she was dragged into to the hotel room. Thanks for the update.


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