One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 66: Is he his father?

Youyou’s eyes glanced in front of his arm, the smile on his lips has vanished, his thick eyelashes perfectly fitted his cold eyes.

“Grandpa, is this how you discipline your men?” Youyou glanced coldly at the driver, “Using their hands against a child, are they not afraid of losing your grace?”

The Old man gaze was fixed on him for a long while. He abruptly looks at the driver and waved his hands. “A Hai!, don’t be rude!”

The driver immediately withdrew his hand around his arm.

Youyou straighten his wrinkled sleeves and turned away.

The Old man keeps staring at his back as he walks away, he frowns his eyebrows and pursed his lips.


“A Hai, make a thorough investigation of that child’s background!” The old man knocked his cane and gave an order.

This child…He must know everything about him! Because his intuition tells him, that he is not wrong, this child has his family’s bloodline!


After returning home, Youyou put down his bag, he wears his apron and moved to the small bench in the kitchen and started busying himself. He started cooking a stir fry vegetables in the wok, his small hand is holding a large spoon, his actions are similar to a master chef. After an hour, a meal comparable to a standard five-star hotel dinner is put on the table.

He looked at the time, seeing that Yun Shishi is not at home yet, he change his clothes and went to the balcony to start washing the clothes.

After he finished washing, Youyou pick up his bag again and grabs the magazine. He turns each page and looks at the photos. His eyebrows frown and he thought of doing something, suddenly he pulled out his mobile phone in his pocket and dialed a number.

Then, he looks for his voice changer device, this voice changer device is his own invention, this will change his voice into an adult man immediately, he just needs to attach it to the mobile phone.

“Director Li, this is Ya Se”

In the other end, a voice of respectful man immediately came.

“Yes! President, what are your orders?”

Youyou has an expressionless face, his fingertips rhythmically tapping the table, his eyes narrowed.

“Investigate a person for me, I would like to have all the information about him.”

“Yes, President, just say it.”

Youyou’s eyes fell again in the magazine’s photo, his white jade fingers slowly trace the man’s handsome face, and smiled.

“Mu Yazhe, the President of Emperor Sheng Foundation.”

“I understand!”

“When everything is clear, please send the report in my email.”

“Got it.”

Youyou hang up the call, and he got lost in thought.

He never believed, that there will be two person who has an identical face.

He doesn’t want to believe it, that there will be a man in this world who looks so much like him.

He even felt some faint doubt about his relationship with this man.

About his father? he never asked his Mommy again. His mommy has always regarded him as a child, so she never revealed the truth.

She only said that his father was a military officer that went in battle, but they only heard this from the news.

In fact, he has suspected more than once that his father is still alive.

But he doesn’t care who his father was. He’s mommy is enough. Anyway, he grew up without him and his life will not change, right?

But even if he doesn’t care, it doesn’t mean that he is not curious.

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TLN: Don’t hate MYZ Youyou… he doesn’t know that you’re still alive >.< Sorry guys, I’ll be busy with yearly report and audits this month.

No spoilers, please!

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16 thoughts on “Chapter 66: Is he his father?

  1. yes….its seems like i am reading a book similar to BWAGS…i love it….i hope the updates get’s faster…but still thank you and i am grateful for however you translation takes time…that’s just my wish….he he he he…


  2. Youyou of now my favorite character. I don’t think anything is gonna change that. Also there seems to be goodness knows how many investigations going on at the same time.
    Thanks for the chapter.

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