One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 94: His other son declared war!

In the entertainment industry, women like her who show off their style and wandering with different men are not rare. But dreaming of marrying into a rich family and even bringing her child is just too much.

There is no such a clean woman in this field who wants fame and fortune.

Most female artists look pure and innocent on the surface, but when you stripped those beautiful skin you will see their hidden greed in the heart.

This woman looks pure and tender, but perhaps this is also false!

The thought of this woman trying to enchant other men … …

Mu Yazhe’s eyes turn even colder.

Yun Shishi felt that he’s busy in his own thoughts. And think that it is her chance now to retreat. But when she does, Mu Yazhe quickly wrap his arm around her waist, and embrace her … …


She exclaimed but her lips were instantly blocked.

Mu Yazhe lowered his head and hardly sealed her lips. Then, he kisses her lips tightly and rough.

She retreated once again, but “bang” sound could be heard. Her back suddenly got attached to the cold wall. And because her head also bumps the wall, she felt her eyes are spinning.

“Don’t … …”

“Don’t?” Mu Yazhe opened his deep eyes and stared at her beauty.

Mu Yazhe changes his line of sight, he looked down on her beautiful neckline and beautiful body curve.

After seeing these scenes, his heart…

He’s like a demon that wants to possess this woman … …

This is his body’s honest desire.

He wanted to do more, but she was constantly pushing him away.

“No, don’t touch me!”

Mu Yazhe was about to speak, but suddenly they heard the window got open from upstairs.

Then, the cold water in the basin was poured down on him.

The cold water instantly moves to his collar and to his back, the cold breeze of the night hit his body.

Mu Yazhe got stunned and stiff.

Yun Shishi gasps for breath when the water in the basin was poured down in a very accurate angle. She didn’t get wet, even a drop of water didn’t land on her body.

She looked at him nervously, she got surprised when she sees his face turn dark. Suddenly, Mu Yazhe raised his head and saw a little boy was looking down at him in the third-floor window.

The night is thick and he cannot see the boy’s facial features clearly, but he can see the fine outline of his face under the moonlight.

He sneaks out his small head and an evil smile was showed in his eyes. He innocently and childishly said: “A big man shouldn’t be bullying a woman, right?”

Mu Yazhe wipes the water in his eyes to see his face, but he got surprised when he saw the child’s facial features exceptionally look similar to Little Yi Chen.

As if they came from the same mold.

“This man, I feel ashamed for you! You’re already a big man and yet you still bully a woman, ah!”

Youyou said and call his mother: “Mommy, don’t pay any more attention to him and come up now. Stop playing with him!”

Yun Shishi got stunned for a moment, but Youyou’s soft and cute voice makes her feel great peace of mind. Then, she rushed to the stairs.

Yun Tianyou glanced to Mu Yazhe’s deep eyes. Then, shut all the windows.

Mu Yazhe’s eyebrows frown and his cold face got stiff. He got pulled out from his thoughts when his phone vibrated in his pocket.

The phone call connected, but he heard an indifference child voice to the other end: “Mu Yazhe”

Mu Yazhe got surprised.

Youyou’s voice gradually turn cold: “Yun Shishi is my mother. I will use any means in this lifetime to guard and protect her. I will not allow you to treat her unjustly, nor make her sad.”

The voice paused for a moment, but suddenly his childlike voice turn cold as he continues:”Who do you think you are to bully my Mom? If I ever see you make her sad again, I will make you suffer.”

Yun Tianyou paused again, but this time he got soft, he had too many complex emotions. “Mu Yazhe, I’ll give you one last chance. Family or enemy, you choose!”

Having said that, the line got cut off.

In fact, Yun Tianyou knows how eager his heart to have his father’s recognition and love. The scenes he saw today, has been repeatedly playing in his mind.

How good it will be if he can still stay and live in this warm house than to be a powerful man, right?

But, even if he is his biological father, he will not allow his mother received any injustice.

Even if … … in this life, he and him become enemies!

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TLN: Here’s our regular chapter for the day. Wow, Youyou is badass as always. He actually gave a hint >.< family or enemy?

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  2. So, this kid is protective towards YSS.. And MYC carry the same protectiveness. What if the two meet and i bet they will fight over who will protect their Mom, and we get to see MYZ perfect world crumble. Thank you for the chapter


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