One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 24: Got fired

She hurried went back to the office, her hands are trembling and her eyes got teary when she takes out her bank card. After she gave them a few thousand yuan to pay for her Sister Yun Na’s debt. The Ruffian’s Boss mercilessly glared at her and count the money. In his satisfaction, they finally stop causing her more trouble, and just strutted away.

Back in the company, she was called by the authorities into the Office, they shouted at her and with “given the company a lot of trouble and loss” as an excuse, they fired her. They made her pack her things and ask her to leave quickly.

Standing in front of those local ruffians and giving her so many threats didn’t affect Yun Shishi much, but now that she is about to lose her job, her eyes turn red at once.

She disregarded her pride. She cried and beg to her manager to not dismiss her. She must keep working.

She and You You cannot live if she loses her job. Where will she get their living expenses?

Yun Shishi already loses a big amount of her savings by paying her Sister Yun Na’s debt. And Youyou is still small, his kindergarten tuition fee is ridiculously expensive, his body is weak and usually get sick, his medicines are expensive too, plus their living expenses, there’s no way she can accept to be fired.

The Manager seeing her pleading so much, cannot help but feel moved. Honestly, Yun Shishi is an excellent employee, even if she’s the only woman in her department, she wasn’t a burden and hasn’t lost to anyone. At work, she has always been diligent and treats the work conscientiously.

However, this time, because of this incident, the authorities are very unhappy and decided to fire her. He doesn’t have a choice, he has no authority to keep her from working.

So, even though Yun Shishi is pleading hard, it’s ultimately futile.

After that, she simply packed up her things, then left the company. Several staff members learned that she got fired, some of them are happy and some expressed worries.

Some of them think that Yun Shishi being fired early was better, ever since she joined the company, she no less took away their promotion opportunities.

She has excellent abilities, looks outstanding, the Manager likes her hard working attitude, she took a lot of the number of bonuses for being the perfect worker. Her other colleagues felt relieved, it will be much easier for them now.

But for some other colleagues that she gets along with, they felt sorry for her and told her to stay in contact with them


Yun Shishi left the company, she was holding her stuff with full of worries. She keeps walking absentmindedly and crosses the road, she didn’t see the red light started flashing.

On the road, A man was driving fast suddenly got distracted.

A loud ear-piercing brake sound could be heard, it’s sharp sound pierced Yun Shishi’s ears, but she couldn’t react fast, she knew it was too late .

The speeding car passed across all the way to her body and stop not far from her.

Yun Shishi who couldn’t react on time was suddenly got knocked down on the ground. The skin on her knees got scratched, she felt an incredible pain, she thought she was going meet God soon because of this incident.

Yun Shishi’s stuff scattered all over the ground, She got stunned when she lifted her head and saw a very luxurious high-end Porsche car. She tried looking at the driver but her vision gradually blurred the more she look at that person, a streamlined body was highlighted in the driver seat.

Yun Shishi remembered that she had seen the introduction of this sports car in the magazine, it said to be one of the world’s limited brand, a private order and there are only three that exist!

Her skirt got torn from the friction when she got knocked down on the ground and she felt more burning pain now that the dust sticks on her wounds and it keeps bleeding.

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16 thoughts on “Chapter 24: Got fired

  1. I hate that sister! Not only did she cause her son’s tuition fee to be taken away, she also caused her to lose her living!!! Gosh, I wonder how Yun Shishi survived all these years. That sister is enough to cause someone to be angered to death!

    And hooray! She finally met with our male lead! I used to think of him as a jerk, but since he’s a good father. . . let’s see. . .

    Poor You You, to think he still have a weak constitution 😦 Thanks for the chapter!


  2. My heart is literally beating so fast, this is making me so upset
    Hopefully things get better
    This isn’t an angsty novel right? I don’t know how much more I can take T.T


  3. I am (im)patiently waiting for divine retribution to shine a blazing ray of vengeance on the stupid mother and even stupider sister. With that said, thanks for the awesome speed of translation 🙂


  4. Maybe this wouldnt be a problem if you had cut of relations with the worst family in the world instead of giving literally all your money to them
    I mean, why would a SINGLE MOTHER ever need money, right?


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