One Child Two Treasures: The Billionaire Chief’s Good Wife

Chapter 51: More beautiful

Yun Shishi unconsciously followed her instinct, her hands are clinging to his shoulders tightly, their body cuddle closer together, and there’s completely no gap. Mu Yazhe abruptly laid her down in bed.

Yun Shishi’s back got bump in the cold bed, she couldn’t help but cry out from pain. Mu Yazhe lowered his lip and kiss out her cry, at the same, he pokes out his tongue to probe more her lips.

At that moment, he couldn’t help but praise the Creator for being wise in shaping men as sexy and resolute, while women are soft and charming.

A good fitting between men and women create this wonderful moment.

Mu Yazhe intentionally pinches her cheek without any a slightest bit of  tenderness!

He wants her senses to return. It will be great if she completely wakes up, so she could see who is the person in front her, and looked at how she is in his possession again!

He hated this woman, he hated her frivolous personality!

If he hadn’t appeared in time, what could have happened in this room tonight?

If he is not the man in front of her now, will she still let her charm bloom?

Thinking about this thoughts, he was unable to restrain his anger.

He wrapped again his arm around her soft waist tightly and bit her lips more.

Six years ago, her body is not yet fully developed, but after giving birth, her figure becomes more beautiful. She is no longer that petite little girl.

Yun Shishi couldn’t help but accept the pain from his rude actions. But sooner, she got used to it and seems she enjoyed his ferocious attack that nearly pushed her to grasp for breath.

Her small hands tightly clinging to his neck, she got so immersed to the heat of their moments, that she even tried using her small tongue to lick on his earlobe, her charming breath in his ears, almost made him couldn’t hold it anymore!

Damn this woman! Is she an ancient country’s demon Princess!?

His actions become ruder, Yun Shishi felt pain again and again from his pumping, subconsciously she wanted to push his shoulders: “Stop … … pain … … it hurts … …”

“What? Isn’t this what you want?”

Mu Yazhe sneer, his strength is weakening, but still, he single-handedly lifted her dress … …

It’s painful, but this pain reduces the fire inside her body, and in the end, she cannot control the inexplicable longing for this.

Yun Shishi helplessly holds on him more tightly, with his continuous rough actions, her eyes become foggy.

This chaos, this chaotic desires of her further increase! She doesn’t know why, but she’s just following her instinct.

She’s confused …

Mu Yazhe holds her firmly, he’s not in a hurry to finish. As if his heart generally wants to play and satisfy her.

He grabs her chin and bit her lips again, he smiled and said:

“If you want more, do it yourself!”

These two people have unparalleled sensation, Yun Shishi completely lost herself, she even forgot that she doesn’t know who he is.

Her breathing grew more and more rapid, her brain was in chaos, she followed her instinct, she moves on top of him and slowly moves her body … …

Until she got completely immerse herself with her movement.

As if this will fill the emptiness, she could not resist this abrupt pleasure.

Her body recovered a little from the fire inside. After that night six years ago, she has never been touched again, but tonight everything is ridiculously good.

But the drug rush up in her brain, she felt dizzy again.

Mu Yazhe throat got dry, his lips got numb, his thick black eyelashes got wet from his cold sweat .

Their perfect integration was extreme.

Fierce and wild, but full of charm ……

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TLN: OMG! I survived… I tried my best to make it clear. But my brain doesn’t work much, sorry if there’s mistake >.<

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 51: More beautiful

  1. Hehe thanks , open the windows now and let some fresh air in … I can’t even imagine her reaction the day after…. More misunderstandings I guess !


  2. hu hu hu hu..YSS is really going to regret this after the effects of the drug died down…i wish MZ will really see through it what is wrong with her…


  3. Wow,it’s to hot . She will be to embarrass after this, probably can’t even remember what she did. Very lucky to have Mr Mu Yazhe to help her needs. I hope YSS will see his face and remember him. Not the bad guy. I hope her sister will get her karma. Thanks for the update. Happy Thanksgiving to all and God Bless.


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